3 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Changes People’s Lives

In general, human beings are highly visual, meaning they have the tendency to judge something based on physical appearance. This is the reason most first impressions last. Although that may not be the case for everyone, there’s no doubt that beauty standards nowadays are emphasized and given more importance than ever before. Still, today’s concept of beauty has become more inclusive as well, thanks to the constant evolution of ideas regarding people’s looks.

With that said, cosmetic dentistry emerged to help men and women alike change their looks and improve one thing that can contribute to their appeal: their smile. With the different procedures offered by cosmetic dentists, people will no longer have any reason to hide their teeth from view. The improvement of smiles has resulted in more than just physical benefits since people have experienced a boost in their self-esteem and earned praises from colleagues and friends because of it.

There are many ways cosmetic dentistry can enhance your overall quality of life. Here are just some of them:


1.   Cosmetic Dentistry Can Renew Your Smile

A cosmetic dental procedure from a dentist Caledon residents trust is more than just maintaining your teeth–it’s about improving your appearance as a whole. Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a wide range of techniques. A smile makeover can be achieved through cosmetic dentistry in the following ways:

  • Durable Dental Crowns

Using a dental crown, you can strengthen and improve the appearance of your teeth. A tooth with a large filling or a cracked tooth is commonly addressed with this treatment.

If you’re dealing with the latter issue, you can get a dental crown procedure to hide your chipped tooth. As part of the crown installation process, the tooth needs to be shaped to fit the crown, so filing it down or contouring it might be required depending on your tooth’s condition. You’ll be given a temporary crown while the permanent one is being made, and eventually the permanent crown will be glue or cemented in place on the tooth.

  • Teeth Straightening Methods

Before, when someone wanted to have straighter teeth, brackets and wires were used to coax them into position. But with the advent of various dental technologies, teeth alignment can now be achieved with other methods that no longer require brackets and wires. Of course, the appropriateness of such techniques would depend on the state of your teeth. For people who need it, the conventional method still proves effective.

To determine which teeth need to be moved and where they need to be moved, a physical mold of the teeth is taken before the braces are fitted. With time and effort on the part of the dentist and the patient, one can expect to achieve a better smile at the end of the treatment period.

  • Dental Veneers

A veneer is a thin cover that’s cemented to the surface of the tooth. You can opt for a dental veneer if you intend to hide a tooth that’s chipped, imperfectly shaped, or discolored.

The dentist will file away a thin layer of enamel before taking an impression of the tooth that needs the dental veneer. As soon as the veneer has been created, the tooth is cleaned and etched, and then the veneer is fitted and cemented to it. Activating the cement used to attach dental veneers to teeth is done by applying a special light directly to the veneer. Afterward, the veneer can be shaped or colored to blend with the rest of your teeth and produce a more natural result.

  • Dental Implants

To support a dental crown, a dental implant is placed into the jaw bone to serve the same function as a natural tooth root. Since an implant is a permanent restoration, it’s usually placed in a tooth socket with a titanium post. During the healing process, the titanium post secures itself around the jaw. Dental implants are securely and safely attached to your roots, making them a more viable option than dentures.


2.   Cosmetic Dentistry May Help Improve Your Overall Health

Many individuals are already aware that preventative dental care can contribute to good health. On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry is known for its aesthetic purposes. But did you know that it can help improve your overall health as well? Although people don’t undergo cosmetic dental procedures for these reasons, here are a couple of health-related benefits such treatments may offer:

  • Smiling Can Impact Your Health And Well-Being

You can feel happier and healthier when you’re pleased with your smile. By smiling more often, your brain produces chemicals that combat stress. Smiles also trigger the release of dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, all of which are feel-good chemicals that may contribute to better heart health. Additionally, those chemicals reduce pain naturally. Therefore, when you gain the confidence to smile more due to a successful cosmetic dental procedure, this will ultimately have a positive impact on your health and well-being.

  • Dental Implants Strengthen The Jaw

Implants are an effective tooth replacement option for patients who’ve lost a tooth or multiple teeth. Due to the small titanium posts, the jaw is kept stable by the stimulation from the roots. Dental implants give your jaw much-needed leverage, allowing you to enjoy eating, speaking, and other similar activities that have to do with your teeth.


3.   Cosmetic Dentistry Can Enhance Your Career

You might read this section and ask yourself what the connection between your teeth and your profession is. That’s understandable since it’s unlikely that your career success would depend on your appearance, unless you’re a celebrity or an influencer.

However, self-confidence plays a big part in a person’s job regardless of the industry they’re in. Taking on bigger responsibilities and leadership roles is more probable when you have high self-esteem. If you can pull off a great smile, you’ll appear more credible and competent, which is a must if you’re after a promotion. Here are the other ways your smile can improve your career:

  • Great First Impressions

Whether you’re interviewing for a job, meeting a new client, or closing a deal, your brighter, straighter, and natural-looking smile will surely make a positive first impression on everyone who sees it. This is crucial given that career prospects can either be made or broken by first impressions.

  • Improved Job Performance

If your oral health is in excellent condition, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and be able to focus on more important matters such as your job. Also, knowing that you have a great smile will encourage you to freely express your happiness and gratitude toward suppliers, business partners, and clients, making them feel comfortable with you.



No matter a person’s height, weight, skin color, or age, their smile is undoubtedly one of their greatest assets, and cosmetic dentistry is there to help them enhance it. There are three main ways that cosmetic dental procedures can make your life better: not only will they improve your smile, but they may boost your health and help with your career, too. So if you want such changes in your life, consider looking into cosmetic dentistry and getting that beautiful smile you deserve.



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