5 Ways To Keep New Resolutions

With another year starting, most people like to make new resolutions that they vow to keep no matter what, but find them breaking their resolutions in a matter of weeks, days and sometimes even hours. There are many ways to keep new resolutions so that they won”t be broken.

  • 1.           Keeping it realistic:

If you make goals that are extremely difficult to reach, with tremendous amounts of will power involved, like quitting smoking immediately for example, you are setting yourself up for failure. Keep goals that are realistic and achievable as your new resolutions, and don”t over extend your capabilities.

  • 2.           Take it slow and steady:

If you vow to stick to an impossibly strict diet and exercise routine to lose all that excess weight, and start over indulging in fast foods and desserts until the cut off time, this will make you bound to fail. If you decide to make life style changes in order to lose weight, you should start working on it from the moment that you take that decision, rather than binging and over indulging yourself and then severely restricting your dietary intake. A slow and steady approach is the best way to prepare your body and mind for any kind of diet and exercise program.

  • 3.           Plan a time frame:

When you finally make your new resolutions, you should plan a time frame of how you will carry out your short time and long time goals. Time frames act as major motivators and will also help you chart your progress in finally reaching your goals.

  • 4.           Treat yourself:

When you reach your short time goals and feel that you have achieved a great milestone, you should treat yourself. This does not mean that you start eating a tub of ice cream or candy bars if you”ve lost a certain amount of weight, don”t be over excessive but do allow yourself a small treat.

  • 5.           Don”t give up:

The path to reaching your goal will be tough at times and seem impossible at others. Gather your will power and focus on the prize. No matter how tough it gets, mentally decide to not give up until you have achieved your resolutions. This way you will not fail in reaching your goals.


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