7 Ways to Have a Positive Outlook and Promote Wellbeing

A positive outlook and positive wellbeing have profound impacts on your quality of life. If you’re able to have these, you’ll be able to experience self-confidence, have healthy relationships with others, be engaged with society, be productive and be able to handle the natural stresses of life. Conversely, those who are struggling with these things will tend to struggle with life in general. Fortunately, you can be proactive and help improve these aspects of yourself by taking advantage of these seven suggestions.

 Turn Negative Thoughts Around


Start analyzing your thoughts. Anytime you recognize a negative one, turn it around. For example, if you realize that you’re thinking something along the lines of, “I won’t be able to get this project done in time,” gently adjust your line of thoughts so that it’s now, “I’ll be able to complete this in the time frame necessary.” Don’t stress if you don’t catch all of your negative thoughts. Just focus on the ones that you do catch.


Be Wary of Self-fulfilling Prophecies


The reason why you need to turn those thoughts around is because your thoughts are helping create your life. If you tell yourself that your life is horrible, your subconscious mind will ensure that this is the case. The secret is to have your inner dialogue and your visualizations be things that you want. Many people do the opposite, partly because they don’t understand the impact that these self-fulfilling prophecies have. Don’t view yourself as a victim. You’re in charge of your life.


Take Action


Taking advantage of thinking much more productively of yourself will help push you in this direction, but you need to ensure that this is followed through by taking action. If you’ve changed your mindset from, “I will never meet the love of my life,” to, “I will meet the perfect person for me, and I’ll be perfect for them,” that’s great. Now use that mindset and meet people, whether that’s in person, online or both.


No More Complaining


Another way to more positively change your line of thinking can be done by reducing how often you complain. You may need to reduce this drastically if you complain excessively. This not only applies to your own life as noted above but also otherwise. If you order pizza that arrives with pineapple when you did not want pineapple on it, don’t complain about it and get upset. Instead, either arrange for a replacement pizza to be delivered, take the pineapple off or eat it anyway. Focus on solutions, not complaining.


Learn New Things


One of the best ways to naturally improve your state of mind is by learning new things. This is because doing so helps increase your myelin’s density and stimulates your brain’s neurons, things that help it work better overall. Focus on things that intrigue and excite you. Some will decide to take on a large project such as spending a year to learn a new language while others will learn different things every week or so.


Do Something Fun


Even if it’s not something new, make sure to do something fun on a regular basis. The time spent doing so is going to be well worth the time expense as it’ll ultimately make you more productive as far as the big picture goes. You need to take “me time.” Watch something on Netflix, play the piano or go on a run. As long as it’s fun for you, do it. The important thing is that it helps you view life as being fun in addition to having challenges from time to time.


Be Nutritious


Your diet is another aspect of your life that has a profound impact on your outlook and wellbeing. It also greatly affects your productivity at work and in your personal life. Probiotic foods such as homemade Kefir, yogurt and tempeh help balance your digestive system and improve heart health. Eating fruits and vegetables also provides a number of nutritional benefits, including mental-based ones. You don’t need to be a vegetarian; just increase how many fruits and vegetables that you eat. Also ensure that you’re eating an appropriate number of calories.




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