Common Personal Injuries Which May Turn Into Something More Serious

Nobody wants to figure in an accident or situation that will result in injuries. However, reckless behaviors and unconscionable thinking can put other people at risk of suffering from physical injuries and trauma. Many injuries sustained from untoward incidents, such as a car accident, are caused by the negligence of other people. The following are the most common causes of personal injuries:


  • Vehicle accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workplace-related accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Injury from defective products
  • Animal attacks


If you or a loved one suffered from physical or mental injuries due to the reckless actions of another person, it is best to consult with a personal injury lawyer immediately. An experienced lawyer specializing in personal injury laws can determine whether a person rightfully deserves compensation.

There are many things to ask a lawyer, especially when you are choosing a suitable legal representative for a personal injury case. Answers to questions like, “how much will I get from a personal injury claim?” will depend on the liability of the party at fault. The lawyer will also take the physical/property damages incurred to you as well as sustained injuries that can significantly affect the quality of your life.  


Common Personal Injuries and How They Can Become More Serious


When you have a competent personal injury lawyer fighting for your rights, you do not have to worry about making any legal claims against the responsible party. A personal injury lawyer is not only knowledgeable about law; he or she also knows how to deal with insurance companies. This means your attorney can negotiate on your behalf and even take your case to court, if necessary.

If you were part of a car crash, you might get some bruises or fractures that get better after medical treatment. However, some injuries may get worse over time. There are personal injuries that can become severe or more serious in the long-term, such as:



  • Whiplash


A person can get whiplash through a vehicular accident – the damage is a result of the rapid and forceful back and forth movement of the neck. Whiplash can also occur during slip and fall accidents, horseback riding, and bicycle accidents. It can also be obtained when a person suffers from physical trauma from contact sports, physical assault, or falling from a height. Some people think that whiplash is a mild injury that does not require medical attention, while others assume that it is not a legitimate injury at all. However, whiplash is a common personal injury that can turn serious over time.

The short-term symptoms of whiplash are back pain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears), The victim will experience limited range of motion or difficulty moving his or her neck. Immediate medical attention is crucial to treat whiplash; however, some victims may suffer from long-term effects for years. Chronic neck and shoulder pain, lower and upper back pain, chronic headaches, pain in the jaw, and difficulty sleeping are just some of the prolonged effects of whiplash. If severe pain and damage in the neck area are untreated or cannot be treated, it can lead to permanent disability due to a herniated disc.



  • Head Injury


Similar to a whiplash, a head injury can pose health complications in the future, whether treated or not. A blow to the head can occur during a car crash, a trip or fall accident, and other accidents caused by someone’s negligence. Head injuries are one of the most severe personal injuries because it can affect brain function.  

The immediate effects of a head injury are headaches, neck pain, and sleeping problems. Head injuries may linger for years and cause chronic headaches and short-term memory problems. Since it may be challenging to detect a brain injury, thus the head trauma may eventually lead to paralysis, coma, or death.



  • Rib Fracture


Different bones in the body can break during an accident, but a rib fracture can pose several risks to the victim. The ribs protect some of the vital organs of the body, such as the lungs and heart. Broken bones may be caused by trauma from falls, vehicle crashes, or contact sports.  

A fractured bone can have severe complications if not diagnosed and treated correctly. A person may experience difficulty breathing, pulmonary fatigue, and respiratory failure as a result of a traumatic rib fracture. A severe rib fracture can push broken bones and damage or puncture blood vessels, nerves, and internal organs.



  • Knee and Shoulder Injuries


Direct trauma to shoulders and knees are also common injuries that a person can get due to a vehicle collision, fall, or direct impact from physical assault. The severity of a knee or shoulder injury may not be immediately apparent, so they can lead to severe health problems that can affect the mobility of the victim.

A tear in the knee cartilage or shoulder ligament may require surgery and therapy. Severe trauma to the knees and shoulders may cause infections, dislocations, nerve, or muscle damage that can lead to chronic pain and decreased joint motion.



  • Hip Fracture


The most common cause of hip fractures is slip and fall accidents. A direct blow to the hip is a severe injury and should be treated as an orthopedic emergency. A fractured bone that is left undiagnosed and untreated can result in life-threatening conditions.

A person who sustains injuries to the hip after a fall can render him or her immobile for some time. Immobility makes the injured individual susceptible to blood clots in the veins of the legs and lungs, urinary tract infections, bedsores, and pneumonia.



A personal injury does not only affect the victim’s physical health. It also has psychological effects such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that can prevent the victim from living a normal and healthy life. A lawyer that specializes in personal injury law will pursue the most suitable settlement for the victim — enough to cover the expenses for physical, mental, and emotional treatment. Personal injury victims, with the help of a competent and knowledgeable lawyer, can receive the right compensation to help them get back on their feet.





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