Death By Disease

Death By Disease

Diseases that cause death

According to the World Health Organization death by disease is caused by only a few main maladies and these can be broken out by socioeconomic status. Each status has its own disease profiles and it is surprising how similar they are to one another.

Economic Profiles

Lower income countries or those known as third world countries death and disease statistics include lower respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases as the number one cause of death by disease. HIV/AIDS is the third leading cause of death/disease in low income countries and malaria contributes to 5.2% of all diseased caused deaths. Ischemic heart disease is a problem and stroke is a disease that is part of other cerebrovascular diseases. Tuberculosis makes up 4.3 percent of deaths caused by disease and neonatal infections and diseases are at 2.6 percent.

Statistics in middle income countries find that the first cause of death by disease is Ischemic heart disease or a disease characterized by low blood supply. Ischemic heart disease is caused by smoking, high red meat consumption and low exercise rates. At 12.8 percent of deaths are the diseases of stroke and cerebrovascular disease as well as pulmonary disease. Lower respiratory infections or disease accounts for 5.4 percent and diarrheal diseases cause 4.4 percent of all disease-related deaths. Diabetes mellitus is rapidly charging up the death/disease ladder with .87 percent of deaths caused by this insulin resistant disease which leads to other diseases that cause death.

In countries with high socioeconomic status Ischemic heart disease is the number one killer with trachea, bronchus, and lung cancers and diseases at 5.9 percent of disease deaths. Lower respiratory infections account for about 4 percent of deaths, and colon/rectum cancers and diseases are not far behind. Diabetes is an epidemic in high socioeconomic societies with 2.9 percent of deaths being attributed to this disease.

After all the statistics are compiled, it is found that the world’s most deadly disease is Ischemic heart disease that kills 7.25 million people a year. When looking at the statistics it is not hard to believe that high income countries have heart diseases due to diet and exercise while those in loser economic stations have deaths caused by diarrheal infections and respiratory diseases. The conclusion can be drawn that lower income countries have poor drinking water and a lack of high nutrition while high income countries just eat too much and exercise too little.


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