Ear Buds and Hearing Health

Music is such a problem for hearing health that most people do not realize just how bad it is. Exposure to music that can harm your ears extends well beyond the scope of a loud rock concert. With the popularity of MP3 players people have been using ear buds instead of headphones. The problem with the ear buds is that the sound gets closer to the ear drum which means that it will hurt the ear more.

Our hearing is something most of us take for granted. Most of us don”t think about hearing health until we already have a hearing problem.

Hearing loss can happen for a variety of different reasons. Exposure to load noises (such as gunshots, explosions). Bad ear infections (especially in infants). Exposure to loud music for prolonged and repeated periods (this affects musicians most certainly). Colds that block up your sinus passages. And of course, the before mentioned ear buds.

Once you start to lose your hearing you cannot gain it back. This is because there are fine hairs in your ear that pick up the sound vibrations which are then transmitted to your eardrum. When you are exposed to loud noises and loud music the hairs get damaged and disappear. When the hairs are gone, there is nothing to pick up on the vibrations. The vibrations are actually sound waves that your eardrum will transmit to the nerve for the brain to process.

How can we take care of our hearing? Limit our exposure to loud noises, remove wax safely, and clear up infections quickly with your doctor”s help. To remove wax safely use a gentle ear wax removing kit found at your drug store. Don”t go poking around in your ear.

Hearing loss is something that can be difficult to measure. Sometimes it happens so gradually, you may not notice until someone brings it to your attention. There are hearing specialists out there who can help you determine how bad the damage is and what your options are. Hearing aid technology is getting better all the time.

Let”s stop and think about the consequences of what we are doing to our ears. Repeated exposure to loud music and turning our MP3 player up can hurt our ear health. Not removing ear wax safely can damage our eardrum. Not clearing up infections can cause permanent damage. If you think your hearing is already declining, schedule an appointment and get your hearing tested. It is nice to hear the amazing variety of sounds that our in our world.


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