Effective Treatments For Hair Loss

One of the most common problems that everyone faces is hair loss or hair thinning. There can be different kinds of hair loss. Heredity is generally considered as the prime reason of hair loss. If you have a history of baldness among the male members of the family then there is a possibility of this condition passing on.

Hair loss can also increase in women after their pregnancy due to the hormonal changes which take place post delivery. This is a temporary condition which takes some months to normalize.

Stress Causes Hair Loss

It is normal to lose a few strands of hair, about 30 to 50 strands, on a daily basis. This is because old strands fall off and new strands of hair take their place. This kind of hair fall takes place evenly from all over the head and not just from one place. This is a normal condition.

When hair fall takes place profusely or from one patch on the scalp, then it is a serious problem and needs medical treatment. Often, profuse hair loss is a reflection of poor health.

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet can help treat common hair loss and promote growth of new hairs. This includes daily exercises, including breathing exercises, as they help in maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Stress is one of the greatest enemies of hair. It causes harmful hormones to be secreted at the scalp which weaken the hair roots and cause hair loss. Daily breathing exercises are essential for reducing stress in our lives. For instance, you can breathe in air and hold it for a few seconds before exhaling. Do this exercise for a few minutes daily to reduce the ill effects of stress on hair.

Balanced Diet Makes Hair Healthy

A healthy diet which includes fruits and green vegetables is essential to prevent hair loss. This will provide the essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair. Your diet should be rich in proteins like fish and meat proteins and low in fats, sugar and salt. Opt for lean meat and fish which are also sources of minerals. Avoid or reduce the intake of aerated drinks, too much of tea or coffee, fast foods like burgers and deep fried foods like chips. These give unnecessary sugars, salts and calories which are unhealthy for the skin and hair.

Keep The Scalp Clean To Prevent Hair Loss

Another rule to remember is that the scalp must be kept clean, especially if you are exposed to pollution. Use a shampoo which is specifically certified as mild to clean the scalp daily or on alternate days. Never pour it directly on the hair. Instead, take some shampoo and rub it in your palms before applying it on the hair.

Warm oil massages are also good for preventing excessive hair loss. You can use pure coconut oil or any other hair oil and massage it gently on the roots. Hair massage has to be done very carefully or it will cause the roots to break. Use fingers to massage the roots of the hair lightly and do not rub the scalp vigorously with the palms.

It is important to clean the hair with a mild shampoo after one or two hours of oiling the hair to remove the excess oil. Otherwise, the pores will get clogged and attract dirt and grime to stick onto the scalp. A very gentle hair massage after a hair wash is said to stimulate the hair follicles and promote growth of new hairs.

It is advisable not to comb or brush wet hair. This is because hair breakage is more as the roots are weak when the hair is wet. Rather, allow the hair to become slightly dry and then comb them. Do not brush hair too frequently or vigorously even though many feel that it gives the hair extra shine. Frequent brushing actually causes the hair to break at the roots and increases hair loss.

Regular breathing exercises, daily intake of green salads and good hair care can help to prevent hair loss.


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Neena Jay
4. May 2018
Neena Jay
4. May 2018
All of what was mentioned above is true. However, one must not ignore the benefits of some alternative medicine and especially chinese which proved themselves to be efficient in treating falling hair.

14. April 2009
14. April 2009
great stuff and looks like medical hair restoration is possible through hair transplants. But the main thing is quality surgeons. having quality surgeons with good technicians can solve the problem of hair failing.


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