Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are a staple for nearly every professional gym and a great choice for home gyms because they do not take up a lot of space, are easy on the joints, and can deliver a pretty good workout depending on how hard you push yourself and what level you exercise at. But before you make a choice out of all the exercise bikes that are out there, keep in mind that you should shop around before finding the best bike features and also contact your doctor to make sure you are medically able to us exercise bikes.

One of the nice things about riding on an exercise bike is that you can easily watch television while riding or even read a book or magazine. Most other forms of exercise equipment require the use of your hands, but not an exercise bike. So feel free to ride and read and turn those pages. Multi-tasking don”t you love it!

Have knee problems? Then an exercise bike may be your answer. Exercise bikes are easy on the joints and also help build muscles around the knee that can help you manage knee injuries over the long term. Make sure you set the bike to the proper level for your height or you could cause more knee damage.

My favorite reason for an exercise bike workout you can ride no matter what the weather outside. No wind, rain or cars trying to push you off of the road.

A heart rate monitor will help you determine how good of a workout you are getting. You may also want to vary the resistance and how hard you push yourself. This keeps your muscles and your heart guessing which translates to a better workout.

If you belong to a gym don”t pass over the exercise bikes. You will be surprised what an excellent workout you can get. If you decide you want one for home do your research and test a few bikes before you purchase. Models come in all price ranges with lots of feature options. You can even get used bikes at the second time around stores.


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