Inexpensive Ways to Increase Fitness

It is not necessary to enroll at local gyms or build a home gym for improving fitness and health. Face it, you do not have to spend a lot of money to be fit you just have to get moving. Here are some ideas to jump start your fitness for little to no money.

  1. Choose a free aerobic exercise which you like and can be done outdoors like walking, hiking, running, soccer, tennis, or inline skating. Cardiovascular conditioning or aerobic exercises provide a total body workout.
  2. Rent or purchase exercise videos. There are a wide variety of exercise videos available today. For example: kickboxing, Pilates, dance, and hula hooping. This is less expensive compared to buying exercise machines and going to a gym.
  3. Do your yard work the hard way (it may seem un-American but it will improve your fitness). Mow the lawn using a non electric push mower. Shovel your snow don’t blow it off your sidewalks and driveways this winter. Rake your own leaves. The kids in your neighborhood who you usually hire may miss the money but you will be improving your fitness, getting healthier and saving your wealth.
  4. Turn on your radio, listen to your favorite dance music (ballroom, hip hop, and more) and groove. This is one of the best ways of working out your body and relieving your stress.
  5. Organize game activities with your friends. It can include kickball, football, basketball, soccer, and more. Other activities that promote muscle workouts through body movements are also a good option.
  6. Skipping rope is a very inexpensive way to get a few cardiovascular exercises. If it has been awhile since you were a kid and jumped rope for fun you will really feel this one.
  7. Visit your local park. Our larger parks in Indianapolis have fitness trails set up that consist of exercise stations. Instructions are provided and it is different and fun working out in nature.

Before you start any type of body workouts, keep these things in mind:

  • Any activity must be started in gradual manner. Warm up before exercising and be patient with your results. It may take time before you see visually that your body is improving.
  • Strive for 30 minutes of activity per day.
  • Select the right equipment and clothes for your exercise and consider weather conditions when outside.
  • Encourage a friend to do the exercises with you. It does not only make your routine more enjoyable you will also more likely stick to your system.
  • Try cross training. Alter the length and the type of your aerobic exercises to prevent boredom and injuries.
  • Consult your doctor or health care provider before starting any forms of exercise programs.

These ways are easy but it depends upon your enthusiasm to follow thru, get creative and come up with your own low cost ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. Share your ideas with others by commenting on this article.


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