Pillo – Your Personal Home Health Robot (Live on Indiegogo!)

There is a series of scenarios demonstrating a rather cute and reasonably sized counter top robot named Pillo described as being designed with healthcare in mind. It is demonstrated to have the ability to perform a number of functions, examples include pill dispensing and reminders, reordering prescriptions, looking up nutritional data for various food items, sending messages to specified contacts in the event of an emergency, and tracking your general fitness. The final portion of the video has three of the project leads, each of them states one aspect of what they are trying to accomplish. The first statement given is about the general purpose and need of the project, to provide healthcare. The second statement is related to the production team’s makeup and credentials. The third and final statement is an announcement and request that the viewer may join with the project in order for Pillo to enter actual production. The video ends with an image that the project can be found on Indiegogo.


Key Points of Video:

  • 1Artificially intelligent health device
  • 2Dispenses drugs for family members automatically
  • 3Can answer health related questions and 100% secure

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