Tips for Female Runners

Tips for Female Runners

Female runners should always know the safety measures while they exercise. She should always remember some smart habits while she runs so that she will have a fun and safe exercise outside. Some of these guidelines and tips may apply to all runners, but there are some important facts that are especially addressed to the needs of female runners. Here are some tips and safety precautions a female runner should always remember when running.

1.  For female runners, they should know how to have a controlled and balance anaerobic training intervals and repetitive hill trainings that can enhance their strength and endurance. It will also help female runners to gain the same speed achieved by male runners. High-intensity anaerobic training is an effective stimulator for growth hormones in gaining more power and speed as a runner.

2.  It is not recommended to use headphones while running. You will not hear cars, bikers, and people that may have bad intentions on you. Many attackers will always choose a victim who they think is vulnerable and not ready for any approaches. Always remember that it is unsafe to run with headphones.

3.  Statistics show that heart disease is ten times more fatal than breast cancer for most women in the United States. One of the best things to do to prevent heart disease is to exercise. A woman who exercises regularly can have a normal blood pressure and a regular heartbeat. Every woman can do running as their exercise where they can have a balanced HDL cholesterol level and will help have a physically fit body.

4.  Most women have smaller feet than men. When you are buying running shoes, your best choice should have designs specifically made for female runners. Always remember to buy the shoes that can provide you with the most running comfort.

5.  Every female runner should always think that she is a competitive athlete. It is not important if you are not the best in the racetrack. You should realize that a runner should always have the determination and the motivation to be at her best while running.

6.  Running can help you burn more excess calories than walking. Slow running can also help you to lose the unwanted weight you gain from the food that you eat. You can perform this kind of exercise everywhere and anytime you want. It is also inexpensive and enjoyable while in your quest for having a physically fit body.

7.  Every female runner should always remember to take the necessary precautions while she is out for a jog. She should always inform everybody at home that she will be out with her running buddies. She may leave a note stating where she is going to jog and what time she will be back. She may bring her personal alarm or a stick for her self-defense in populated areas and unfamiliar routes.

8.  For those women who are in their early stage of pregnancy, it is advisable to perform a lower level of exercise. Running pregnant can affect pregnancy hormones leading to the softening of tendons and ligaments. You may have the option to do other sport exercises such as walking, stationary cycling, and swimming as your substitute exercise to running.

9.  It is advisable to use a sports bra when you are exercising. In this way, you can control breast motion and you may feel more comfortable while you are running. Try to fit the sports bra before you purchase it. It is important that it sho