What Are The Top Health Reasons Why People Have To Miss Work?

There are a lot of people who are worried that they may have to miss work because they get injured or fall ill. Even though people get sick from time to time, some people are concerned that their jobs might be in jeopardy if they have to miss work because they are sick or injured. Therefore, it is essential to take a closer look at a real doctor’s note for work and examine why people have to miss work from time to time. What are some of the top health reasons why people have to miss work? Take a look at a few key examples below.


Back Pain Is a Serious Issue

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek the help of a healthcare professional. Unfortunately, with many people in the United States suffering from obesity and diabetes, back pain is only becoming more common. Back pain is a significant concern in jobs where people have to do manual labor. This includes jobs that many people do not associate with manual labor, food in warehouse jobs. If someone is suffering from back pain, they may not be able to do their job. As a result, they may have to miss work. This could place their employment in jeopardy.


Migraine Headaches Are a Significant Concern

Another common reason why people miss work has to do with migraine headaches. There are multiple types of headaches, including tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraine headaches. Even though tension headaches are common and cluster headaches can be severe, migraine headaches are both common and debilitating. If someone suffers from migraine headaches, they may develop extreme nausea and vomiting. They could also suffer irritation due to bright lights and loud noises. Migraine headaches can last for a day or more, causing people to miss work. Fortunately, there are medications that people can take that may reduce the development of migraine headaches. It is vital for everyone who suffers from migraine headaches to speak to a trained medical professional.


Carpal Tunnel Can Be a Problem

Another common injury that people may suffer is called carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is located in the wrist. If someone has carpal tunnel syndrome, they have inflammation of this specific part of the wrist. As a result, the carpal tunnel compresses the median nerve, which runs through the wrist. When this happens, people can have shooting, shock-like pains that travel down to the end of the arm. This can make it nearly impossible to type on a computer, which can make it difficult for people to do their jobs. Fortunately, there is a simple surgical procedure that people can perform in order to address carpal tunnel syndrome. Until this procedure is done, people may miss work.


Fever Illnesses Can Keep People at Home

Particularly during the winter, people can develop a fever, which could cause them to miss work. The fever is a sign of an infection. If someone has a viral or bacterial infection, it could be contagious. Therefore, a lot of people will avoid going to work with a fever, so they don’t get other people sick. Even though it is possible to treat a fever using Tylenol or Motrin, this only treats the symptoms. It does take a few days for the body to fight off the infection. During this time, people may not be able to come to work. This could cause them to miss work, placing their employment in jeopardy.


Children Get Sick as Well

Finally, some people have to miss work due to illnesses that are not their own. For example, many people have children. And if their children get sick and have to stay home from school, they may have to miss work in order to take care of them. Even though employers need to be understanding, it is also true that some people may fall dangerously behind on their work if they have to miss time. Everyone needs to do what they can to work from home to prevent this issue.


Everyone Must Take Care of Their Overall Health

These are a few of the top reasons why people have to miss work from time to time. Everyone needs to take a closer look at their overall health to try to prevent themselves from getting hurt or sick. For example, it is important for everyone to go to the doctor at least once per year for an annual exam. This will provide the doctor with an opportunity to catch serious injuries and illnesses. Finally, anyone who has questions or concerns about their overall health should speak to a doctor for more information. That way, they can place themselves in the best position possible to be healthy.



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