Women Are From Venus And Men Are From Mars? Or Is It All Just About Testosterone?

That men and women see things differently is nothing new. After all, women are from Venus and men are from Mars, right? Scientists say that the differences are actually more liked to hormones than to the planetary origin. So, when the love of your life tells you that he does not see any difference between your green and your blue dress, he really does not see any difference. It is in his brain, give him a break.

Differences in vision

A new vision study led by Israel Abramov from the City University of New York found out that there is a physiological reason why men and women see things differently. Eyes of men are more sensitive to fine details and fast moving objects, and women are more attuned to fine differences in colors.

The researchers found significant differences in vision of men and women that are based on their sex. They examined a large number of young men and women with 20/20 vision or corrected vision. As a part of this study, the researchers asked the participants to describe colors that were shown to them. The guys needed a slightly longer wavelength of a color to see the same color as women. Men were less able to distinguish the difference between different color hues than women.

The same team also found that most women are more sensitive to, distinguish and recognize smells than men.

It is all about testosterone

Researchers explained their findings by the fact that some elements of vision are connected to specific sets of neurons in the primary visual cortex of the brain. These neurons are controlled by androgens, male sex hormones, during the process of development of the embryo into a fetus. In simple words, it is all fault of testosterone. What scientists do not understand is why such differences exist. There does not seem to be any evolutionary reason for it.

Another research of the biological differences between men and women, this one from the University of California, found that men and women also focus differently. Men tend to watch the mouth of a person they are talking to, and can be easily distracted by some movement behind the speaker. Women are more likely to shift gaze between person”s eyes and body.

These new findings are part of the more unified current opinion of scientists that brains of men and women are different in many ways. For a long time, the debate on this was very heated, mostly because ‘different’ was seen as better or worse. But, most women and men do not have any problem with being different. In fact, this is part of the attraction.


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