David Block

CEO at Previnex
David’s passion for optimal health, wellness, and prevention started as a research analyst covering the industry. David specialized in nutritional supplements, pouring over clinical studies, touring manufacturing facilities, and immersing himself in the supplement and wellness industry on all levels. He developed a passion for the industry and educating people, and became driven to start Previnex. Previnex is a prevention-based health and wellness company committed to using science, clinically-tested ingredients and going above and beyond the testing and production standards required to bring to life nutritional supplements products of unparalleled quality, safety, and effectiveness.
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30 Days to a Healthier Heart

Maybe you recently talked with your health care provider and the important topic of heart health came up, or maybe you just think it’s time to focus more on your health. Regardless of what brought you here, heart health is an important step for people of all ages. Let’s look at some simple ways you […]

The Truth About Caffeine

Caffeine — for many of us this substance is both our morning hero and our arch nemesis. Whether you are a four-cup a day coffee junkie or prefer your caffeine in a carbonated form, there are ups and downs to caffeine consumption. By now, most of us know that caffeine is technically a drug and […]

10 Ways to Build Healthy Bones

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, this serious condition affects approximately 200 million women worldwide: around one-tenth of women aged 60, one-fifth of women aged 70, two-fifths of women aged 80 and two-thirds of women aged 90. While men are less likely to develop this condition, they are not safe from problems associated with poor […]

8 Most Common Food Allergies

Studies have shown that as many as 15 million Americans are living with some form of food allergies. These potentially life threatening allergies impact 1 out of every 13 children under the age of 18 in the US alone. According to a report released in 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, food […]

The Foods That You Don’t Know Are Leading to Inflammation

We all know that we should avoid fast food and foods high in fat and sugar. What many of us overlook are the seemingly healthy foods that might be causing underlying inflammation. Here we will look at some of the hidden culprits of joint and body inflammation. The Hidden Dangers of Dairy Cow’s milk serves […]

What Are Essential Amino Acids and Why Do I Need Them?

Amino acids are organic compounds that join together and form proteins. Similarly, when the proteins you eat are broken down, amino acids are the bi-product. When our bodies use amino acids to make proteins it helps our bodies in several ways, including digesting food, repairing body tissue and growth and development. There are three kinds […]

Could Your Supplements Be Causing You Harm?

You are cautious about your health and make sure to take a daily supplement. While it seems like you are doing your body good, what you don’t know might be harming you. While a high quality supplement with the best possible ingredients can be a key to optimal health, not all supplements are created equal. […]

The Ten Foods You Should Be Avoiding

So you want to eat better. You fully understand all the clichés that “you are what you eat” and “not all food is created equal.” That’s great — a step in the right direction. What stops many people in their newfound desire to eat better is having to choose what diet plan to follow. With […]

Water – Why It’s So Important and How Much Do I Need?

We all know we need to drink water to function at our best but do most of us really know why? According to several recent studies, as many as two thirds of Americans do not drink enough water on a daily basis.

What are Macro and Micro-Nutrients?

Our bodies do an amazing job of taking what we put into it and making the most of it. Unfortunately not everyone does their very best in terms of choosing what to eat. Our food is our fuel, so by understanding the ins and outs of what drives us, we can do a better job […]