Month: December 2006

Treadmills vs Elliptical Trainers

There has been considerable controversy on which offers a better workout, treadmills or elliptical trainers. Treadmills are still the most popular fitness machines, but elliptical trainers are growing in popularity.   In this article, we will consider the pros and cons of each. Treadmills – Pros What makes treadmills so popular is their designed to […]

Men’s Prostate Health

WHAT IS THE PROSTATE? The first step toward understanding how the prostate affects your health is to learn what the prostate is and how it functions. It is surprising how little many men know about such an important part of their anatomy. The prostate is an important segment of the male reproductive system.   It […]

The New Food Pyramid?

No one has yet come up with a definite answer to how many people were needed to build the Egyptian pyramids.   Historians and Egyptologists say the number is close to 100,000; while others believe that the more realistic number is 20,000.   Whoever is closer to the truth — 100,000 versus 20,000 — massive […]

Quick Tips for More Happy in your Holiday

How can I manage all the food? -Fill your plate with just a few bites of everything.   That way you won”t over eat but you will get to sample everything. -Fill up on veggies and dip or fruit with yogurt dip and cut back on the cookies and sweets. -Forgive yourself if you overindulge, […]

Know Your Own Skin Type

As it is with everything else, knowing the condition of the different parts of your body is the first step in caring for it. Skin is no different. Knowing your skin type is the beginning of giving your skin the proper treatment to maintain good skin tone and condition. Your skin type is a general […]