Month: May 2009

My Body after a Cesarean Birth

A cesarean section is a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby when a vaginal delivery poses too much danger to the health of the baby or the mother. In the U.S. the number of cesarean section deliveries continues to rise each decade. In the 1970’s the rate of c-sections was 6%, in the 1980’s […]

How serious is Persistent Insomnia?

Persistent insomnia is a serious sleep disorder that affects millions of people in the United States. Persistent insomnia, which is sometimes called chronic insomnia, is characterized by the inability to sleep that persists for several nights. This type of sleep disorder can last for months depending on the gravity of the problem.

10 Tips to Improving Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can lead to various problems in your career, relationships and personal life. Low self-esteem can easily be transformed into depression which can further affect one’s mental, physical and social disposition.

Pointers On Preventing Eye Injury

Knowing the basics of preventing eye injury is essential for everyone. The truth is that most of us don’t really take the health of our eyes very seriously- in fact, many people wear sunglasses because they look stylish, not because they want to protect their eyes. The sad truth is that the importance of taking […]

Tips For Pain Management At Night

In recent times, pain management has developed and evolved newer and effective treatment methods. Some of the traditional techniques, which were used to lessen pain in birthing and surgery, are now being used to treat other kinds of pain symptoms. The commonly employed treatment methods include; medications, physiotherapy, radiation therapy, TENS or Transcutaneous electrical stimulations, […]

Metabolic Syndrome – Risk Factors, Diagnosis, And Management

Metabolic syndrome is affecting people at an alarming rate in America. More than 50 million people have become its victim, till date. This syndrome puts people at a high risk for Type 2 diabetes and heart disease, which includes peripheral vascular disease, stroke, and coronary heart disease. Risk Factors There are certain metabolic risk factors […]

6 Serious Pains You Shouldn”t Ignore

There are many occasions where we don’t take a headache or a slight fever seriously. We think it will pass and when it does, we don’t give it another thought. But there are aches and pains that shouldn’t be ignored. Here are the 6 most serious pains we shouldn’t neglect.

Why Hair Goes Gray

Graying hair is a telltale sign of aging. Rarely, it can happen to children and young people as well. Studies reveal that 40 years is the average age in which hair starts to change colors for American people. The exact causes of hair graying have not been conclusively proven yet. There are several streams of […]

Seven Tips To Fight Warm Weather Migraine

It is a scientifically established fact that, warm weather is a vital trigger for migraines. Out of all the weather conditions, temperature is the major trigger and every 9 degree Fahrenheit increase in the temperature, raises the headache risk by 7.5%. It is summer season again and incidences of migraine attacks are going to increase. […]

5 Ways to Improve Indoor Air

Having fresh air and good ventilation in your office is often considered to be one of the most important requirements to ensure the health and comfort of the staff. In spite of being a basic and commonsensical necessity, it is one of the first things to be found lacking or inadvertently absent. The Indoor Air […]