Seven Tips To Fight Warm Weather Migraine

Seven Tips To Fight Warm Weather Migraine

It is a scientifically established fact that, warm weather is a vital trigger for migraines. Out of all the weather conditions, temperature is the major trigger and every 9 degree Fahrenheit increase in the temperature, raises the headache risk by 7.5%. It is summer season again and incidences of migraine attacks are going to increase. Summers are a tough time to cope with, as are other extreme weather conditions. For people with migraine, coping, becomes tougher as summers converge high temperature and other triggers and makes it tough for people prone to migraines. By adopting these under listed simple tips, these triggers can be avoided to turn summers into an exciting season.

Drink Lots Of Water– Dehydration, having secondary association to warm weather, is a major cause of summer migraines. Drink plenty of water and liquids to avoid water scarcity in body. Be cautious about the liquids you choose, since some drinks may themselves behave as triggers. Excessive amounts of Soda, Iced tea, cold coffee etc should be avoided, since caffeine acts as a migraine trigger. People with allergy to citrus fruits should avoid lemonades, citrus juices, and fresh juices.

Avoid Sun Contact – If you cannot do without enjoying beaches in summer, ensure that you avoid direct sun contact. Use broad brimmed hats and beach umbrellas to keep off the sun. Periodically, cool down yourself with wet bandanna (around your neck) or water spray or splash. While shopping for sun block cosmetics avoid scented ones and choose fragrance free products.

Be Regular In Sleep And Meal Timings– Warm weather brings a shift not only in temperature, but also in our daily routines. Fix up your routine, to ensure that you do not suffer on sleep or go lazy on food. Keep meals and sleep regular, as any compromise may trigger migraine.

Be Cautious With Medicines – Warm weather may not only affect migraines, but also medicines. Most medicines may undergo chemical changes, when stored in high temperatures, rendering them unfit for use. While traveling, carry medicines in your handbag, instead of dumping them in cargo luggage. Take care to keep your medicines cool and humidity proof.

Wear Sunglasses To Block Sun – Ensure that you have good quality sunglasses and that you wear them when outside. This is not only good for the health of your eye, but also for migraines. Bright and reflected sunlight is a trigger for migraine as well as other headaches. Photophobia is also a cause of migraine in some people.

Stay Away From Crowd – Crowded places, in warm temperatures may be warmer and scented. Sweat odor, raised temperature and restricted airflow, are reasons eligible enough to trigger acute migraine attacks. Avoid public place and crowded outdoors to stay away from odor and suffocation.

Check Your Activity Level – Excess warm weather may not allow you to follow your regular exercise schedule. Stress, in raised temperature condition may be a trigger for migraine or other headaches. Modify your schedule to minimize activity level in late mornings and afternoo