Month: August 2012

Why Do We Need Fiber?

It is easy to understand why we need vitamins, calcium or carbohydrates. But what good is fiber? We cannot digest it, it has no calories and no nutritional value. And all we hear these days is that we need to double our fiber intake. What does fiber do for us and why do we need […]

High blood pressure

Risks From Worry And Stress

Stress, it’s a part of everyday life for most of us. Between work and home, bills and family, things can pile up. Then to compound the problems from the stress we worry about these things and this creates more stress until finally, for some, we may end up in the ER and if we are […]


Protein For My Body

Protein, your muscles are protein; you need to consume protein daily to maintain muscle tone and development. But where does the protein come from? What is the best source of protein? How much protein should you consume daily? Good questions let me see if I can answer them for you.

What Seals And Pigs Have In Common – A New Variant Of Flu Virus Discovered

When 162 New England harbor seals died last year, it was sad. When scientists found that they died from an avian H3N8 influenza A virus, it immediately became a reason for serious concern. This virus is similar to the one already circulating in North American waterfowl, but this new type shows mutations that allow it […]

Get Off Your Behind If You Want To Stay Healthy

The dream of every parent is that the kids will go to college, get a good degree so that they could get well-paid job in an office. Scientists now say that a sitting job, although easier and more comfortable that more menial, physical labor, might shorten the life of your offspring. You should have let […]

Do You Have Celiac Disease?

Gluten-free diet seems to be just another diet fad and it is booming in the US. Americans will spend about $7 billion on gluten-free food. But, is it just a fad, or are Americans becoming more sensitive to gluten? Scientists say that in fact there are still a lot of people whose celiac disease – […]

Beat The Stress With Smiles

Finally a stress therapy that costs nothing: scientists found that smiling while under stress positively affects the heart. The study by a couple of psychological scientists from the University of Kansas suggests that even a ‘fake’ forced smile works. There is something about smiling that makes us feel better even when we are going through […]

What Happened To Honey?

Honey goes in and out of fashion like miniskirts. It is out now, when we are debating all other kinds of sugar, natural and artificial, and condemning them like the worst that happened to humans since they left caves. But, nobody is mentioning honey. It could be that the reason is that eating honey will […]

Wart Removal

Over The Counter Products For Wart Removal

A wart is a lesion of the skin caused by the HPV (human papillomavirus.) Currently there are over 120 known types of HPV, and it’s usually types 1 and 2 HPV that cause all the different types of warts.

Facts And Fiction Of Raspberry Ketone

Did you get your raspberry ketone yet? If not, you are one of the few. There is a waiting list on many websites and in stores. People are spending their hard earned money on a yet another one weight loss miracle. Well, if Dr. Oz says it on TV, then it must be the truth. […]