Fall Seasonal Allergies causing you Pain?

Fall seasonal allergies are starting to kick in.  Some of us allergy sufferers look forward to winter the only time we can catch a break from all that pollen floating around.  Here are some tips to keep your symptoms as under control as possible.

Any substance in the environment that causes an allergic reaction is known as an allergen.  Pollen is a seasonal allergen that can cause trouble in the spring, summer and fall.  You may be allergic to spring pollen from trees, summer pollen from grasses or fall pollen from weeds, or any combination of these three.  Not all types of pollen affect all people.  If you are lucky you may only suffer one time per year.

Symptoms may include:  sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, plugged nose, scratchy throat, stuffed up ears, facial pain, headache, watery red eyes, or itchy eyes.

Coping Tips:

Remain indoors as much as possible.  Avoid multiple trips outside if you do need to go out.  This may be a good time to brown bag your lunch to work.  It is not worth going back outside to get something to eat.

Keep the windows in your house closed.  If you have air conditioning keep it running and put an allergen reducing filter in your furnace to help trap pollen from coming into the house.

Keep your windows in your car rolled up when driving.

Machine wash and dry bedding and clothes.  If you hang bedding or clothes outside, pollen can get trapped in the fabric putting you in close contact with your tormentor.

Avoid mowing the lawn.  This is particularly true if you are allergic to summer grass pollens.

Wearing wraparound sunglasses may protect your eyes from having pollen blown into them when outdoors.

Change your clothes when coming in from outside.  This will help remove trapped pollen.

Wash your hair frequently, it can also trap pollen.

Pollen counts are usually lower by the sea.  So take a vacation during your worst period, get to the beach and enjoy relief from your symptoms.

Winter is just around the corner!


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