Humidity Does Affect Your Health

Humidity Does Affect Your Health

Keeping track of the indoor and outdoor temperature is always something we like to keep an eye on.  Did you know it is also important to keep track of the indoor and outdoor humidity?  Humidity can play a huge role in your health without you even realizing it. 

Humidity can play in a much bigger role than just making your hair frizzy when you go outside.  There are risks of the air being too humid and risks of your hair not being humid enough.  Humidity is the amount of moisture that is in the air and the air being too wet or too dry can play a factor on different aspects of your health.  The normal range of humidity is between 35-60%.  Anything too low or too high should be adjusted appropriately.


High Humidity Health Risks


You know those days when you walk outside and it’s like the air feels thick and heavy.  It can sometimes make it feel like you can’t take a deep breath.  These are usually the days where the humidity is high.  You may also notice when you step outside that your hair immediately becomes a huge curly frizz ball.  It’s amazing how just a bit of extra moisture in the air can cause so much issue.  Noticing the humidity outside can be critical in keeping yourself safe. 

When our bodies become overheated we sweat, then our sweat evaporates helping our bodies cool down.  When it is humid outside and there is more moisture in the air it is harder for our sweat to evaporate.  This causes our bodies to go into overdrive to try and cool your bodies down.  This can cause you to get exhausted and lethargic quickly when being outside in the humidity.  It can also make overheating a lot more common since your body cannot effectively cool itself down. 

While it is humid our bodies have to work extra hard meaning when we are too over worked it is easier for us to become dehydrated, or suffer from fatigue or muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, fainting and even heat stroke can be more probable when it is more humid outside. 

Signs of heat stroke are headaches, confusion, and vomiting.  If you experience any of those you will want to go to an emergency room right away to be treated.  Usually if we feel ourselves becoming overheated we can sit down, drink some cool water or get into an air conditioned building to help cool our bodies down and recover from the humidity.  

Humidity that is high inside can be just as detrimental as high humidity outside.  Meaning