AirFeet – The Science of Comfort!

“AirFeet” is the name for a new patented insole technology that shifts the paradigm of insole technology. AirFeet is super slender, which allows it to be extremely flexible. Because of its thinness and flexibility, AirFeet can be used by anybody, wearing any type of shoe. No customizing is required. So, buying is a simple, budget-friendly one-step process. Besides it’s unique width, AirFeet breaks the mold in other ways. Patented technology and a design that incorporates, nodules, seals and waves throughout, moves pressure along the feet, creating an ongoing massage that touches all of the major reflexology points. The design even includes a unique oval dip, to help feet recover when using casual shoes, such as beachwear and sports shoes. With AirFeet, not only is comfort enhanced for the average tired-foot user, it is specifically useful for a variety of ailments, including diabetic nerve damage, lower back pain and much more.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1AirFeet Insoles are like walking on air!
  • 2Your foot receives the same benefits as you would get from a therapeutic message.
  • 3AirFeet Insoles keeps your total body in balance.

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