Nutritionists Are Losing It Over This $4.89 ALDI Bread

Eating healthy in America is often not just a matter of finding the willpower to reach past the junk food to put nutritious items in your grocery cart. It can often be about price and availability. Even the most determined diet can be opposed by how much a healthy item costs compared to something else […]

Do I Need Fish Oil Supplements? A Guide to Omega-3s

Fish oil, or omega-3 fatty acid supplements, have long been a staple of the nutritional boosters Americans turn to. While eating fish is the natural way of getting these omega-3 fatty acids, many people don’t have ready access to fish on a regular basis. Or it may not be affordable. That’s where the supplements come […]

Magnesium – Sources in the Diet

Magnesium deficiencies are a common problem around the world. These deficiencies are important because they not only affect your mood and disposition, but also affect your health. Some risks involved in magnesium deficiency include heart disease, osteoporosis, asthma, arrhythmia, and hypertension. It is also vital to bone and tooth health and is considered the “bone […]

Aspartame Myths and Facts – What You Really Need to Know

The modern palate has a pronounced affinity for indulging in our sweet tooth. Sugar is in everything we eat, and often we even add it on purpose to foods or drinks even when they’re already sweet. For this reason, that sugar and the calories it brings are accompanied by a wide array of avoidable health […]

Protein, Protein, How Much Should We Consume Per Day?

Protein is necessary for aiding many of our body functions including but not limited to digestion, tissue growth, and transporting nutrients to our cells. You can ensure you are getting enough protein by eating foods that are rich in it like most meats and poultry, eggs, or even using a protein supplement. There should always […]

A lady hiding her pregnancy test

Tonic Herbs Known to Support Ovarian Health

Herbs often have some possible health effects, but not all plants are herbs. Only plants that have some effect they can apply to the body or life of a human are classified as herbs. And these herbs come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of possible affects they can be harnessed for. Fertility […]

Slimming Beverages

Overall health is a complicated subject. And a key factor is what you’re putting into your body, what you’re consuming. Doctors encourage us to exercise regularly, for a variety of reasons. And with physical activity comes the urge to drink, because sweaty exertion requires liquids be replenished. But in today’s world there’s an increasingly bewildering […]

Salt Is This Year’s Sugar You Guys – Here’s How Much You Should Be Eating

Food science, like all science, is constantly evolving. Where once low fat was the goal, which caused food manufacturers to turn to sugar to help make up for the lower perceived taste in low fat food, now salt is coming into the critical spotlight. And the health news is, surprise, excessive salt is very bad […]

The Benefits of Vitamin D3 !

Vitamin D3 plays a huge role in the human body, affecting up to 2,000 genes. It comes from the family of D vitamins, including D2 and D1, and is sometime referred to as the “sunny vitamin”‘ It plays important roles in regards to mood, bone health, teeth health, heart heart, appetite, anxiety, and more. There […]

More Evidence That Omega-3 Supplements Lack Heart Benefits

Omega-3 supplements have long been touted as a preventative measure against things like stroke and heart attack, but recent studies have shown consistent evidence that this is not the case. A large study showed that omega-3 supplements had little to no effect on reducing the risk of stroke and other heart problems. The studies did, […]