Don’t Buy CBD On Amazon: Why CBD On Amazon Is A Bad Deal

CBD oil (cannabidiol) is a supplement of growing popularity now that laws on access to marijuana are easing up. Reputable vendors of the versatile substance are finding it increasingly hard to make headway catering to their markets because of constant undercutting in price and sacrifice in quality by other, more malicious sellers in the online space. Amazon, in particular, has seen a monstrous influx of would-be entrepreneurs making impossible claims about their CBD oil and related products that not only don’t hold up to scrutiny, but could be dangerous for curious consumers.

The often unclear origin of these products on the Amazon marketplace, coupled with the impossible concentrations of the active ingredients therein should immediately lead any potential purchaser of these items to question not only the authenticity, but the motives of these salesmen. The most poignant thing about all of this is that selling these products on Amazon, as well as many other online stores, is against Amazon’s selling and distribution policies, which are clearly outlined. It’s clear that these people don’t have your best interest as a consumer in mind, but would rather make a quick buck off of a new trend by exploiting you and undermining more well-meaning companies who provide these products legitimately.

Key Points:

  • 1-CBD products are currently not allowed to be sold on Amazon.
  • 2-Some hemp products are allowed on Amazon such as hemp seeds and hemp seed oil.
  • 3-Prices outside of a normal range or that contain impossible claims should be avoided on all market sites.

Instead of buying CBD on Amazon, you should order from any reputable online CBD vendor

Purium CBD+, organic, non-GMO, grown, non-chemical extraction, grown and bottled in the USA.


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