Acne Depression: Is It Real? Is It Serious?

Acne vulgaris, otherwise known as Acne Depression, is a common skin disorder discovered in 1955 that has been proven to cause both psychological and psychosocial distress in those afflicted. Typically, Acne Depression appears in pre-teens and teens at the onset of puberty. Of course, this is a time when they are experiencing a good amount of physiological and social change, and therefore are very psychologically vulnerable. It’s not uncommon for them to experience difficulties in managing their feelings with regard to social interactions, sexuality, and body image.

Often, relationships with friends and family become strained as the child attempts to deal with their acne. Usually the first feeling the teen experiences is embarrassment, which leads to them avoiding parties, sports, and other normal daily life activities. This lack of interaction with others and feelings of isolation will often lead to their symptoms of depression.

Parents are advised to seek out a dermatologist and other professionals for advice about prescriptions, diet, and lifestyle changes. When dealing with deep acne depression, a doctor may recommend an anti-depressant and acne medication. Often and individual experiencing this level of deep acne depression does not want to leave their house because they have given up on having a normal life.

Key Points:

  • 1Acne is a skin disorder, but there are also links to depression caused when acne flares up.
  • 2Most acne depression is commonly found in teenagers who are experiencing acne for the first time.
  • 3Some people begin experiencing acne later in their lives at about the age of 20, which also may trigger depression.

Deep acne depression is a very serious and very dark depression.

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