Refined Food Addiction

Refined Food Addiction

Do you know anyone who isn’t addicted to food? Laugh at this question, but Americans do have food addictions. Adults are getting fatter, children are getting fat. Statistics say that the next group of children will be the first generation whose lifespan may actually be shorter than their parents.

After years of study medical researchers have come up with basic foods that consumers are addicted to. These food addictions are due to the chemical compounds in refined foods that work on the calming chemicals or dopamine in the brain.  Millions of you love beef, cheese and sugar. “Comfort foods” you call these foods and when you feel bored or sad you eat fatty comfort foods. After a few hours the crash sets in and the chemicals wear off. Now begins a low and depressive period and off you go to the next comfort food binge; cheeseburgers, nachos or gooey pizza, blocks of cheese, or sweets galore.

According to WebMD comfort food binging is identical to the highs you get with chemical addictions. If you have ever driven to the all night drive-through for a milkshake and fries, you are using food as a coping mechanism. This is just like a drug or alcohol fix. What makes food an instrument of addiction is the highs and lows. You eat processed and refined foods, you feel great. The chemicals wear off and a sense of guilt sets in. This sense of guilt forces you to resolve to stop binging, but you just do it again. Now you are an addict.

When you have a craving for your special comfort foods, are they nice crisp apples or a piece of celery? Not really. How about a wonderful lean chicken sandwich or a salad? Who is comforted by a salad? You reach for the carb-filled, fatty, sugary processed and refined food. These refined foods trigger the pleasure sensors in your brain and these are the foods you love. Food manufactures know this so they target their yummy food advertisements to the evening hours when you are not so busy.  Couch potatoes and television surfers pry themselves up, head for the food pantry and gorge on processed and refined foods.

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