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Eye Health – Cataracts

What Does an Eye Twitch Indicate?

Troubled by Floaters? Now We Can Zap Them

Eye floaters are a common problem, especially with nearsighted or older people, where you see small floating blobs or wiggling lines across your eyes but they move away when you try to look at them. These moving spots can be accompanied by peripheral blindness or flashes of light. Eye floaters are caused by the vitreous […]

Easing Your Child into Wearing Glasses

Your child will rarely ever clean their own room when you tell them to, so when the eye doctor informed you that your child would need to wear glasses to succeed in school, you knew this was going to be the ultimate challenge. It is overwhelming no doubt, but there are things you can do […]

How Makeup Users Can Prevent Eye Health Problems

For many, it’s all about how good you look. But what if you can’t even see yourself in the mirror; is that price worth the cost of beauty? Makeup can enhance beauty, or even cover up something you wish to minimize, but if not used properly and carefully around the eyes it can lead to […]

Beyond the Eye Chart Four Reasons Why You Need a Comprehensive Vision Exam This Year

The importance of ones eye health is actually more then what meets the eye (no pun intended). Most people think that they only really need to go to an eye specialist if they can’t see properly en