21 Reasons To Cut Back On Sugar That Blew Our Mind

21 Reasons To Cut Back On Sugar That Blew Our Mind

Despite the sugar industry’s past efforts to deflect health attention onto cholesterol causing fats, sweets are turning into the primary focus of both doctors and consumers. Unfortunately, manufacturers have started loading sugar into the very foods they’re now claiming are better for you after lowering the fat content. Some sugar is okay; the body processes it the same as a carbohydrate. But like most things, moderation is key; and modern diets include far too much.

The problems with excessive sugar consumption are many and extremely problematic, and it’s not just your risk for developing diabetes. Blood pressure is affected by regular consumption of high amounts of sugars, even apart from how the weight gain sweets cause will influence your blood pressure on its own. Research also shows heart attack risk goes up in tandem with sugar consumption. Other research points to high levels of blood sugar creating a lethargy in the thoughts; lowering your mental acuity. That leads into dementia risks; Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases can be more likely in patients that consistently consume excessive sugar. Even general mood can be a problem. Sure chowing down on a carton of ice cream when you’re feeling blue might give a temporary boost, but long term consumption of elevated levels of sugar can depress hormones in your body and impact your ability to handle anxiety and depression in a mindful manner.

Key Points:

  • 1Circulatory problems, such as higher blood pressure and heart attack risk, are elevated with a high sugar diet.
  • 2Mental acuity is lowered and dementia risk is elevated when blood sugar is not in a normal range.
  • 3Consistently overloading your body on sugar can induce hormonal changes that make it harder to feel normal and maintain natural energy levels.

In one study, older adults who drank more than four servings of soft drink per day were 30% more likely to be diagnosed with depression than people who drank unsweetened water, coffee, or tea.

See the original at: http://www.whimn.com.au/strength/health/21-reasons-cut-back-on-sugar-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-weight-loss/news-story/a32c6f4c18839f2f8dd93e73176ff2b5

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