The Amazing Health Benefits of Mare’s Milk

The Amazing Health Benefits of Mare’s Milk

There’s neigh end to the advantages of having horse’s milk with your morning cereal…

Let’s be honest, few of us have seriously never thought about having horse’s milk instead of cow’s when we’re having our cuppa.

But now, and for those of us who take our health seriously, there’s a growing demand for this nutritious milky drink known as mare’s milk or equine milk.

Mare’s milk is being heralded as the new foodstuff that should be seen alongside the other milky substances and dietary supplements that we’re used to seeing on our supermarkets’ shelves.

It’s been around for years, but it is only now that people who are health-conscious are seeing it as a serious nutritious contender.

Goats, sheep, soy, almond are all kinds of milk we regularly see on the grocery shelves, so why not horse’s milk as a matter of norm?

The health benefits for both skin and body care from mare’s milk are resulting in an increase in the average consumer looking to buy this genuinely 100% miracle milk.

Even the beautiful Egyptian Cleopatra is reputed to have bathed in sour mare milk to reduce her wrinkles. 

We aren’t suggesting you go that far, but as a beauty skin care product, you really should check out the benefits of mare’s milk for your own body…

For centuries it has been a traditional staple in Central Asia where it is used for a number of different health reasons. In essence, it was even used as a treatment for tuberculosis in Russia.  And it was actually delivered to the doorsteps of undernourished people in Germany during the First World War.

In Europe, there are literally dozens of large-scale operations in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well as Germany and Austria, whereby they offer fresh or frozen horse milk to people with health issues.

It appears that more people than ever before are opting for mare’s milk because horses eat a natural diet, and health scares like BSE have frightened people used to the more conventional supplies of milk.

The addition of antibiotics and hormones to the cow’s fodder, also means that more people are looking for healthy organic alternatives and this nutritious substitute to cow’s milk, therefore, ticks all the boxes for foodies.

With the desire for more natural, organic foodstuffs, as well as an alternative to chemically-based medicines for skincare, maybe this is the time to take horse’s milk more seriously.


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