The Amazing Health Benefits of Mare’s Milk

There’s neigh end to the advantages of having horse’s milk with your morning cereal…

Let’s be honest, few of us have seriously never thought about having horse’s milk instead of cow’s when we’re having our cuppa.

But now, and for those of us who take our health seriously, there’s a growing demand for this nutritious milky drink known as mare’s milk or equine milk.

Mare’s milk is being heralded as the new foodstuff that should be seen alongside the other milky substances and dietary supplements that we’re used to seeing on our supermarkets’ shelves.

It’s been around for years, but it is only now that people who are health-conscious are seeing it as a serious nutritious contender.

Goats, sheep, soy, almond are all kinds of milk we regularly see on the grocery shelves, so why not horse’s milk as a matter of norm?

The health benefits for both skin and body care from mare’s milk are resulting in an increase in the average consumer looking to buy this genuinely 100% miracle milk.

Even the beautiful Egyptian Cleopatra is reputed to have bathed in sour mare milk to reduce her wrinkles.  

We aren’t suggesting you go that far, but as a beauty skin care product, you really should check out the benefits of mare’s milk for your own body…

For centuries it has been a traditional staple in Central Asia where it is used for a number of different health reasons. In essence, it was even used as a treatment for tuberculosis in Russia.   And it was actually delivered to the doorsteps of undernourished people in Germany during the First World War.

In Europe, there are literally dozens of large-scale operations in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, as well as Germany and Austria, whereby they offer fresh or frozen horse milk to people with health issues.

It appears that more people than ever before are opting for mare’s milk because horses eat a natural diet, and health scares like BSE have frightened people used to the more conventional supplies of milk.

The addition of antibiotics and hormones to the cow’s fodder, also means that more people are looking for healthy organic alternatives and this nutritious substitute to cow’s milk, therefore, ticks all the boxes for foodies.

With the desire for more natural, organic foodstuffs, as well as an alternative to chemically-based medicines for skincare, maybe this is the time to take horse’s milk more seriously.


The New Milky Bar Kid on the Starting Block

So, what does this horse milk actually taste like?

Horse’s milk is richer in vitamins and is said to be more digestible and tastes a little sweeter than cow’s milk.   Sounds good…

Okay, so if we take a look at the health benefits of horse’s milk over the traditional cow’s milk, we find that it is lower in fat with only a 1.5% fat content compared to cow’s milk, which is 3.7%.

Horse milk is high in vitamin C and iron but low in fat, with high levels of lactose and casein that are more similar to human breast milk than cow.

Horse milk is also thought to be extremely beneficial for people with gastrointestinal and liver problems, or an allergy to cow’s milk, maybe stress, or skin problems, stiff joints, or for those who just like to keep fit and healthy.

Because of its healthy components, mare’s milk is used to treat skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema as they can be treated from the inside to the outside of the body.

Such conditions are treated via mare’s milk capsules which again, aren’t mass-produced, making them specialized and unique because companies who produce them like Equilac believe firmly in addressing the causes and not just the symptoms.

Mare’s milk contains amino acids, which include serine for skin hydration and cystine, which has high sulfur — these again help all types of skin problems.

Research by German scientists believes that if a person consumes mare’s milk for at least six months, they can effectively reduce the symptoms of many skin conditions in as many as 62% of all sufferers.

So, what’s not to love?


Why is it so difficult to obtain?

This is all somewhat dependent on where you live in the world.

In France, for example, you can buy horse milk in the organic sections in the supermarket, but in Britain, you can’t — yet…

This is because horses are not genetically programmed to produce milk like a cow, and they have to be treated differently to produce milk in large quantities.

Horse milk is dependent on a mare recently giving birth to a foal and is usually hand-milked or by a machine that collects the milk from the mare’s udders — very similar to milking a cow.   The foal usually has the majority of the mare’s milk, and the rest is taken for human consumption.

This means mare’s milk is quite scarce and is a relatively low-profile product.

There are therefore very few horse-dairy farms or shops which sell mares’ milk products.

This means horse’s milk isn’t mass-produced yet, and so online suppliers, such as Equilac, are popular specialist websites where you can buy their products in powdered, capsule, or concentrated forms.

Fresh or frozen horse milk is only really available from horse milk farms in Europe.

Powdered horse milk is made by freeze-drying or spray-drying fresh horse’s milk so that the water element present is dried off without killing off any of the nutritional value in the powered version.

Because these products are not available yet in supermarkets, they are a rare and unusually sought-after product, and you can only really get it online via capsules or powders.

But dietary supplements with mare’s milk powder in capsule form or tablets are an excellent solution for daily intake.


So, for you to personally benefit from the marvels of mare’s milk, particularly if you have a skin complaint, you should check out Equilac on their website and find out for yourself, the milky miracle of the mare…




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