Parents Do Not Recognise That Their Children are Overweight, Survey Finds

This day and age, parents do not page attention to their child’s weight. It is becoming a global epidemic that children are eating whatever they want and it is causing a lot of health problems for kids. Especially when they grow up and have significant more problems relating to how they ate as a child. Tackling and solving this problem is not just the parent’s problem. This problem is for everybody around the world to come together and try to figure this out. It needs to come to a stop now before the trend continues further. We need education and literature about how  kids can simply change their diet. For example, no more soda and chocolate bars. Parents need to keep a better eye on their kids.

Key Points:

  • 1There appears to be a lot of parents in England who do not recognize when their kids are overweight.
  • 2Especially in England, obesity rates have continued to rise over the years.
  • 3Obesity seems to be a worldly and chronic problem that is also an urgent problem.

Nine in 10 mothers and eight in 10 fathers of an overweight child described them as being about the right weight. Almost half of mothers (48%) and 43% of fathers said their obese child was about the right weight, according to the Health Survey for England 2015.

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