10 Types Of Equipment To Have In Your Home Gym

We are currently in a pandemic. Most shops are closed except for essentials.  These  include  gyms. So that begets the question,  how do you stay fit while staying indoors? Here are the top  ten types of equipment  you need in order to get your home gym working just like your local  fitness club.  

1.   Dumbbells

These are  the bread and butter of every workout. You definitely need  dumbbells if you want to set up  your home gym. Try to get  a variety of dumbbells that vary in weight.  The weights  of your dumbbells  shall depend  on your current capacity and fitness goals. However,  you most  probably want one that’s a bit heavier than just a 5kg dumbbell, right? A set of 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, all up to 20kg per dumbbell would be your best bet.  

2.   Leg And Arm Weights

Small weights  can help you  go a long way whenever  you start  your workout wearing them. They can vary from as low as 250g to 1kg per weight.  After  finishing your workout, you’ll  feel  faster and stronger than you were before once you take these leg and arm weights off.  You can even wear these while you do your daily chores  to get a nice daily workout without doing any other form of exercise.  Getting  your  work done while getting a workout–you’re able to hit  two birds with one stone.  

3.   Yoga Mat

Why get yourself dirty on the floor when you can  just  do your push-ups, sit-ups, and all other stretches  using a yoga mat? Get yourself a nice yoga mat  and feel like a guru while doing calisthenics in your own home  gym.  Easy to clean, easy to tuck away. Yoga mats are portable, too.  Once  the pandemic ends and gyms are open  again, you can just bring your own yoga mat. Much more sanitary than the ones at the gym, right?  You can also do  other great at-home workouts  apart from  the ones mentioned above, such as forearm planks, bicycle crunches, stationary lunges, etc.

4.   Balance Ball

Balance balls help you do multiple kinds of workouts that require  good body balance. These exercises  help  your core muscles in the process by forcing them to work more  while using a balance ball.  It helps you stretch your body even further after your warm-up session.

5.   Weighted Pole

Weighted poles are another fundamental equipment in a  good gym  that’s worth having at home.  A barbell rod is a great alternative to  a weighted pole  as well, which assists with performing some stretches.  These  pieces of equipment  help  expand your muscles, making you more flexible, and  your workouts,  more lenient. If  you have  never tried using a weighted pole to stretch your back, get  one  for your home gym  now.

6.   Treadmills

COVID-19 still roams  the streets. You can’t have a good jog  outside while  wearing a face mask,  otherwise,  you’ll have difficulty  breathing and you won’t be able to  take in  the right amount of oxygen your body needs–unless you own a really big backyard  where you can  run  around.  

 Get a treadmill for your home gym  and  you’ll  be able to run in place  at the comfort of your own home any time you need it.  The speed and steepness are usually adjustable with most treadmills,  so you can  calibrate it to simulate hiking up a hill or  mountain,  or  running a marathon,  whichever you prefer.  

7.   Stationary Bicycle

Stationary bicycles are in the same spot as treadmills.  We  cannot  bike around wearing a face mask for the same reason as jogging with one on.  You will  need your calves  worked out, too. Bikes are your best bet for  them. Just like treadmills, they usually offer adjustability to suit your preferences.  You  can’t  skip leg  day!

8.   Barbells And Weight Benches

Another prerequisite  pieces of equipment  to  having a good home gym are barbells and weight benches.  Just like dumbbells,  you will  need to exercise your muscle  strength by  having good-quality barbells  and sturdy weight benches to sit on while doing  exercises. Military press, bench press, you name it. You will need to do all these using  your barbells and weight benches on the right days  of workout. Be sure to have stretched your body before doing any of these, as without stretching  you will  overexert your muscles.  

9.   Cable Pulley Machines

These are weights you pull. Sounds  pretty simple, right?  However, they are  actually machines  with pulleys and  adjustable weights, which  you can  move around and  switch to get the right exercise.  They help you get good  muscle toning, like with your shoulders,  by doing shrugs with them,  or even butt  by doing squats with them.  Cable pulleys allow you to do  a wide  variety of exercises, giving you more options to get fit. They are pricey  though, but you can think of them as a  long-term  investment. Money is temporary,  but taking care of  your  body physique  has a great impact on your lifelong health.  

10.   Power Racks

This  cements your workout space as a gym. Every gym has  a  power  rack. The local fitness center has one.  That suspicious-looking gym three blocks down has one.  It’s  a centerpiece that  makes a gym  a gym.  Power racks usually  have long queues  whenever you go to  a gym. Well, no more  falling in line for you. The  best power rack  is  adjustable to all  the  exercises you need  to perform with  it, such as squats,  pull-ups,  deadlifts,  etc.  Owning one for your home gym can make you fit in less than a month. Maybe that’s a bit exaggerated remark, but that’s really how good it is.  

Bonus Gear:  Jump  Ropes  

Jump ropes are  highly recommended  in any  home gym.  This gear can  give you  the ease of doing  better calisthenics, as compared to doing it without them. They are probably the cheapest thing on the whole list as well, so there’s no reason not to add this item  to your cart and pay  that extra few dollars.

What You Need To Do Now

Overall, building a home gym can be daunting  at the onset.  Trying to convince your landlord, if you  are renting an apartment,  and  then  trying to convince your  significant other  or family members  to let you build one  are already the  first hurdles that you need to deal with. However, if you really aim to be fit and healthy, the mentioned pieces of equipment for your home gym are worth the investment.  We  can’t  go to the gym these days, so this will be your best bet besides  solely doing calisthenics all day long.  

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Afton Jackson
7. February 2022
Afton Jackson
7. February 2022
As a person trying to start some low-intensity fitness routines, reading your article and learning about things like mats and personal weights was really helpful. Starting small could help me avoid the workout burnout that my friends usually experience. These pieces of equipment could help me do that, so I'll prioritize them when I find a fitness equipment store in the area.


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