5 Secrets All Personal Trainers Want Their Clients To Know

When it comes to working out, everyone has different goals they want to achieve. This could be anything from losing a few pounds to increasing your upper body strength. While it’s easy to focus on the actual workout, you could be missing a trick by not getting into the mind of your personal trainer.

After all, not only are they the ones training you, but they also happen to be the experts in all things fitness too. Here are 5 secrets all personal trainers want their clients to know to tell you more.

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You Can’t Get A Six Pack Overnight

You’d be surprised at how many guys rock up to the gym, thinking a few burpees and a quick weights session is all it takes to get ripped. It’s not that these types of exercises aren’t going to help, but what you need to understand is that it can take years of consistent training to really get to where you want to be.

Your personal trainer is there to help you every step of the way. But, don’t expect they can work miracles either! Being realistic will mean everyone is on the same page. Your targets can steadily increase the more time you put in at the gym, just so long as you know there’s no such thing as an overnight transformation.


You Need To Fix Your Diet Too

So much attention gets put on the personal trainer, but there’s only so much they can do if your diet is terrible. The problem is, most people don’t get taught proper nutrition. We all rely too much on processed food which is high in sugar and fat. If that sounds familiar, then your personal trainer will want to see you work on that alongside your exercises.

A benefit of better nutrition isn’t just weight loss either. If you fuel up properly before your workouts, then you will have way more energy to complete them. That means you’ll be able to push yourself more and see faster results. Plus, you’re more likely to enjoy your workouts too.


Strength Training Isn’t Just For Men

A common misconception all personal trainers have to deal with is that strength training is only for men. Some women also worry they will ‘end up looking masculine’ if they lift weights. But, given women produce far less testosterone than men, this just isn’t possible.

Strength training has many benefits, including an increase in bone density, balance, and metabolism. It also helps to counteract the loss of muscle mass, which happens at a rate of 3-8% per decade, starting in our 30s. So, listen to your personal trainer when they tell you strength training needs to be part of your workouts!


Consistency Is Everything

Nobody is suggesting you need to work out every day, especially as you need some time to rest and recover from your workouts. That being said, 20 minutes on the treadmill once a month isn’t going to cut it.

When you work with a personal trainer, they will give you a schedule. This will include your sessions together, as well as some exercises to work on in between sessions. The more you keep up with your workouts, the better the results will be. There’s simply no way to cheat this!


What You See on Instagram Isn’t Always Real

In the age of social media, it’s common to show your personal trainer people on Instagram you want to look like. This is fine to a point, but so long as you know not everything you see is how it appears. From filters to Photoshop and even clever camera angles – be aware of comparing yourself to something that doesn’t even exist.

Personal trainers are keen to work with what they have in front of them which is your body. Everyone has different genetics, heights, metabolisms, etc. So, concentrate on you as that’s the only person you can be. Doing so will allow your trainer to tailor the workouts to your ability and what your body is actually capable of achieving.


To Sum Up

Looking at exercise from your personal trainer’s perspective will help you maximize the outcome of your sessions together. It’s always great to ask questions and learn from them, especially as they are the experts.

By being both realistic and consistent with your workouts, your personal training sessions will be more effective, not to mention more enjoyable too.




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