How Barbershops Can Keep Men Healthy | Joseph Ravenell

The Barbershop became a place for community outreach in the medical field. The Barbershop provides a place of sanctuary for black men and communities, a hub of safe social connection and information, a place where the community can keep watch over their friends. With an increased occurrence of high blood pressure among black males, there is a resistance among this group to visit what can be perceived as a cold and uncaring medical office. Many of these men would rather trust their well known personal barber with their medical concerns than a Doctor. This led to the birth of Project Brotherhood where men would be rewarded for participating in their health care checkups with a free haircut. This was taken a step further when Black barbers in Texas participated in the advancement of black men’s health by administering blood pressure screenings in their shops. This led to a decrease in blood pressure among participants. Two-hundred Barbershops in New york and have reached over 7000 black men who were helped. What are the “barbershops” of other communities?

Key Points of Video:

  • 1The barbershop can be a safe haven for black men.
  • 2A barbershop is a good place to discuss health problems that are more likely to affect black men.
  • 3A barbershop is an excellent place for honest communication and trust.

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