What Is Medical Qigong and How Can It Help Me?

Healthcare leaders in the U.S. are in desperate need of new ways to help people get and stay healthy.

Americans spend between 11 and 15 percent of all their income on health care and the cost of care is getting more and more expensive.

Something needs to change.

The federal and state government pay for a lot of health care spending in the U.S. and are desperate to see that spending decrease because people are healthier.

Federal research grantmakers are now willing to throw millions at what has been coined alternative medicine. Specifically, practices that combine exercise, awareness and mind-body awareness – such as medical qigong – are attracting millions in research support.

But, what is it? We’re going to breakdown a specific segment of the practice called medical qigong here for you.

What’s in a Word?

Qigong, which is pronounced CHEE-gawng, literally means life-force cultivation, with the root word “qi” meaning life force. It’s a practice that is geared toward improving and increasing the vibrancy of the existence of its practitioners.

It is an ancient Chinese practice that is thousands of years old that also falls in a philosophical line with traditional Chinese medicine. The bases of Chinese medicine focuses on the idea of there being a primal energy within humans called qi.

What is Medical Qigong?

In a way, all qigong contributes to one’s health. But, there is a certain style with an emphasis on improving the physical aspect of the practice.

In practice, qigong uses very specific, very precise breathing techniques and movements and focuses on different parts of awareness to exercise the body’s physical parts as well as energy flows and sources called meridians.

Medical qigong is done under the tutelage of a traditional Chinese medical practitioner who will bring in three other major segments of practice to supplement qigong. What is medical qigong good for specifically? Educate yourself to stay ahead of the curve.

The Question of Pain

Many people are looking for relief from pain in medicine.

Pain is normal. It lets you know that there is an issue with your body. What is not normal, but much too common, is chronic pain that often strikes with no apparent cause.

At least one remedy for this pain is medication. But, unless you’ve been living under a rock, the medication answer has caused one of the worst medical catastrophes in the history of the world.

Qigong’s focus on breathing, movement and mental focus chip away at many of the underlying causes of chronic pain at least for a time: latent injury, inactivity, stress, psychological burdens.

Nothing Stopping You

Medical qigong is for everyone. It requires no equipment, only a little space and a willingness to learn. It even can be adapted to those with accessibility challenges.

Qigong could be the key for you to having the health that you want.

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