Anatomy of Back Pain

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in adults worldwide, but how can it be prevented? Bad posture, stress, obesity, and muscle strain can all lead to back pain, and injuries can become serious problems when they aren’t properly treated in a timely manner. Most people aren’t sitting in an ergonomic position at work all day, and when they get home their pain levels can soar. What can be done to alleviate back pain worldwide?

Back pain can affect other areas of your life, leading to a poor emotional state and wrecking your peace of mind. That’s why early intervention is so crucial. Sitting in an ergonomic position is crucial, and easing the burden of repetitive strain injuries by utilizing tools or alternating activities can also help.

Employers should help prevent back pain by adhering to OSHA standards, monitoring workplace safety and activities, and providing adequate safety training for employees. Back pain can cause 264 million missed work days per year and half of all Americans say they have missed work because of back pain. It’s a costly problem that only becomes more costly when it is ignored.

Individuals can prevent back pain my exercising on a regular basis, building core strength, and maintaining a healthy weight. There are also apps that can remind you to take breaks, sit up straight, and more.

Learn more about preventing back pain from the infographic below.


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