Secrets to Living Longer: What We Can Learn from Blue Zones

Understood as individuals who past 100 years old, there were just under half a million living centenarians on Earth in 2015. By 2050, this number is projected to grow by 8 times to reach over 3 million people. Could we be among these future centenarians?

Across the globe in Okinawa, Japan, the average life expectancy for inhabitants is 85.3 years, over 13 years higher than the rest of the world. Emphasizing clean, plant-based diet and a community following of the Ikigai tradition, or “reason for being,” Okinawa is perhaps the best known of Earth’s Blue Zones. Including regions in Greece, Italy, Costa Rica, and even California, Blue Zones are home to many of the world’s centenarians. Though different from one another in culture and climate, finding the patterns of Blue Zones and what they share gives us interesting insights into what helps us live not just longer lives, but happier lives as well.

Though the secrets of living longer may always remain secrets, we can learn a lot from observing the living conditions, habits, and values of the world’s centenarians. See this infographic for more on what they have to say, the social sciences behind Blue Zones, and how we can use this wisdom in our own lives as well.


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