Which Martial Art Burns More Calories?

Martial arts in stereotypical perspective is often perceived as just fancy kicks and mysterious practice, however, it is well proven that there are plenty benefits of martial arts training in health, mentality, and fitness.

Anyone interested in these positive results needs to consider first which martial art to choose. This is not an easy task as there are so many of martial arts out there, each different in its history, specific, tradition, self-defense potential and fitness results.

The best starting point to consider which martial art suits you best is to try answering these 3 key questions:


Key Questions:

  • 1What is your primary motivation for martial art training: self-defense, fitness, psychological benefits, a spirit of martial art or something else?
  • 2What level of physical requirements are you ready for? Are you looking for something light and nice or rather you want to be tired and exhausted after each training session?
  • 3When you think about martial arts what excites you the most? Which films or heroes move you?

Check the below infographic from fullcontactway.com which presents the top 10 martial arts and will help you choose your best fit.


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