How Probiotics Can Assist With Immunity

How Probiotics Can Assist With Immunity

Our immune systems take a hit every single day. There are countless bugs, germs and viruses flying around at any one time and that means your immune system needs to be strong and effective, to help you avoid becoming sick.

Of course, we all assume that if we’re stick, we can simply go to the doctor and if we have an infection or something which requires treatment, we’ll normally be given antibiotics and that will sort out the issue. Well yes, it will, but it may also do a lot of other damage too.

You see, when you take antibiotics, they basically wipe out all bacteria in your gut, the good stuff included. It can take months for your microbiome, e.g. the healthy balance of bacteria in your stomach, to return to normal.As a result, it’s really only a good idea to take antibiotics when your doctor prescribes them, and not to go for them every single time you’re ill with something or another.

Wait, we have good and bad bacteria?

Yes, we do!

Your body is a huge breeding ground for microorganisms, including yeasts, viruses, and bacteria. You also have around 1000 different types of gut bacteria in your intestines. Now, you might panic at that, because the words ‘bacteria’, ‘germs’, and ‘virus’ aren’t exactly associated with anything good, but in this case they are. You need a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria to keep everything on an even keel.

If the bad bacteria outnumbers the good, that’s when you’re likely to get sick. As a result, we need to look after the good stuff and one way to do that is by taking probiotics.


What Are Probiotics?


Probiotics are good bacteria which are found in a whole host of different foods and beverages. By adding more probiotics to your diet, either through the foods and drinks you consume or via a supplement, you’re boosting your gut health from the get-go.

Studies have shown that by taking probiotics, you can obtain a huge range of possible benefits, not least in your immune system.

A huge 70% of your entire immune system is found in the gut, or the intestines as they’re better known. The food you consume makes its way into the intestines and then it’s all broken down, the nutrition is separated from the rest and absorbed through the wall of the intestines and taken around the body to do the good work it needs to do.

Now, because your gut is so important, the wall of your intestines are lined with what we’ll call ‘warrior cells’. These are guards which only allow the good stuff to be absorbed. These warrior cells are also known, more scientifically, are your gut microbiome. By disrupting this microbiome, you’re basically allowing anything which isn’t go