‘I Gave Up Sugar For A Month And Here’s What Happened’

‘I Gave Up Sugar For A Month And Here’s What Happened’

There are a ton of diets out there: no dairy, no gluten, no carbs, no sugar, no fat….

This dietician wanted to eliminate all added in sugar, not the sugar naturally found in fruits, vegetables, grains or dairy.  She went into this thinking it would be easy since she generally is a salt craver not a sugar craver.  To her surprise, she failed on day one.  She at some wholemeal crackers and believe it or not they contained sugar.

If you want to succeed in a diet that eliminates one ingredient you must be vigilant about reading all labels and don’t even consider going out to eat.  You have no idea what restaurants are cooking with.  And asking the waiter how something is prepared will get you at the minimum an eye roll.

When she got tired, like many of us, the self-control went away.  It is very hard to stick to anything when you are tired.

Key Points:

  • 1Don’t attempt diets that eliminate entire food groups, because it’s impossible to sustain.
  • 2To completely understand what you are eating, you must really read all food labels.
  • 3Rather than making incredibly difficult changes to your diet, it’s much easier to make small changes that you can stick to.

The problem with these restrictive diets is they aren’t sustainable and often cause you to crave whatever you gave up.

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  1. Robin Aiken Reply

    I have done the no sugar diet for 46 days with a group of women. I thought it was reasonably easy, other than having to read a million labels when you first start shopping. I am not overweight , and yet I still lost approx. 10 lbs. whoa… not even trying. I believe the hidden sugars in food is very harmful to the brain as well as the body. I Think that moderation in the key to life, however if you could eliminate a known poison from your child’s diet, I am quite sure most people would do whatever it takes. The problem being, we have all bought into the lie that sugar is not poison. Well the truth is, it is a very toxic poison to the body and brain. And the American public has been sold a bill of goods that is causing multiple health issues and mental issues for the younger generations starting with those that are now in there 20 and 30’s. Look around, its an epidemic. I have continued with my choice to eliminate all unnatural sugar when it is possible. Which, really is always. It is a choice. I feel so much better and I am hoping to get others on board. Old habits do die hard, but better the habit than your health!

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