5 Expert Hacks To Make Intermittent Fasting Super Easy

5 Expert Hacks To Make Intermittent Fasting Super Easy

One of the latest dieting trends is to alternate when you diet by days. Every other day you eat normally, with days of dieting spaced between them. Intermittent Fasting, as this new approach to dieting is being called, is not without some level of controversy. It’s really a form of regular fasting, and not everyone is convinced it can achieve the results proponents are supporting.

Fasting is not a new practice; it stretches back throughout human history. In older times, fasting was promoted as a way to help boost mental focus and boost physical awareness. Today, some people who turn to fasting are hoping it can be a weight loss solution.

The medical facts of weight loss are fairly clear; restricted calories, or an increased burn rate of calories already consumed, is how a human reduces their level of stored fat or prevents new fat from being formed from those same calories. Fasting is a way to reduce calorie intake, and should give weight loss results. But Intermittent Fasting is basically designed to encourage cheating, and those days of normal eating could undo all the progress adherents are hoping for when they allow their stomach to stay empty and remind them of hunger. This type of diet can possibly work, but only if discipline is involved. It’s not as simple as gorging on calories on odd days, and starving on the even ones.

Key Points:

  • 1Slow down your eating and enjoy the food you do eat.
  • 2When eating make sure your plate is balanced with all food groups and make healthy food choices.
  • 3Don’t be too restrictive of your calories, or you won’t succeed. Make sure you are eating enough to fuel your normal activities.