Juice is Not Natural

Most people think of juice as being a healthy alternative to sugary colas. However, if you compare Tropicana orange juice to Coke and Pepsi, the orange juice has more added sugar than the others. Additionally, any juice that is “not from concentrate” is actually stored in aseptic storage tanks to ensure a year-round supply. In order to store the juice like this, it must have all the oxygen removed from it, so that it does not ruin the tanks. When the juice is stripped of oxygen, all of the flavor-providing chemicals are also removed. That means any fruit flavors in those juices in artificial. The best alternative to drinking juice is to simply have a piece for fruit. All the flavor and fiber, none of the added sugar.

Key Points:

  • 1The health-impact of juice is a contentious issue.
  • 2Juice has a ton of calories, almost all of from sugar, and liquid calories aren’t very filling.
  • 3I’m now willing to recognize juice has a lot of sugar and calories, and consume it accordingly, and whenever possible, I eat (rather than drink) my fruits and veggies.

The health-impact of juice is a contentious issue. Yes, it’s full of vitamins and minerals. But it’s also full of sugar. How much sugar?

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15. May 2017
15. May 2017
Yeah lots of people think juice is good for them so many think a glass of oj with breakfast is good or juice makers it's the worse. Grape apple all those Gatorade is so sugar to . Sugar content should be 25 grams a day so not good


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