New To Keto? Here Are Some Food Options To Get You Started

New To Keto? Here Are Some Food Options To Get You Started

The ketogenic diet (almost always shortened to “keto”) is quite an old one, first used to help treat epilepsy in children during the 1920s. In its modern application, it is a method of structuring your eating so that you burn fat instead of carbohydrates. The idea is to radically cut back on your carb consumption and replace it with healthy fats, which ends up inducing a metabolic state called “ketosis.” The result is that your body uses fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. 

While it sounds relatively straightforward, and for many people it is, starting a new diet is always slightly intimidating. If you are new to keto, below are some food options to help set you on the path to keto success. 


First, Decide on Which Meals You Want to Eat 

While it can be tempting to just find a keto-approved list of individual food items and start buying, the best approach is to brainstorm a meal plan first and then shop for that. Once you’ve got your three square meals planned out, then you can select individual items.

Keto requires dedication day and night, which means breakfast, lunch and dinner must be keto-friendly. As it is with cooking anything, you never know until you actually try a recipe out. There are