Tips for Avoiding That Halloween Candy

Tips for Avoiding That Halloween Candy

Americans have an awful lot of holidays that focus on candy; Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. With Halloween just a few days away, October 31st for those of you not paying attention, I got to thinking about candy and ways to help me not train wreck all the healthful choices I have made over the summer. For now let’s look at some ways to keep that Halloween candy out of our mouths and subsequently off of our bodies.



  1. Buy candy you do not like. This is actually an easy one for me I just let my kids pick out our trick-or-treat candy. They are fond of Skittles and Nerds. Neither one of these is a temptation for me.
  2. Avoid candy all together and pass out trinkets to those trick-or-treaters. Small cars or plastic bracelets, even Halloween pencils. You can’t eat what you don’t have.
  3. Don’t let yourself get hungry. On Halloween night have a good meal. This is advisable for you and your children. It will stop your kids from scarfing their candy and it will keep you from over indulging.
  4. Chew gum. I find if I keep my mouth occupied I don’t put candy or food in without having to think about spitting out the gum. Gives me some time to reconsider before mindless munching.
  5. Place your last dentist bill near your candy bowl. Nothing can ruin a good sugar fix than remembering the physical pain and the financial pain of a dentist visit.
  6. If you are attending a Halloween party and dressing up wear a body conscious outfit. If your outfit is form fitting you won’t want to compromise your look. Use vanity to your advantage.
  7. Don’t purchase candy early and let it sit around and tempt you waiting for October 31st to roll around by the day of Halloween.
  8. The day after Halloween get rid of all your excess candy. Throw it away or donate it to a school or community center. You shouldn’t punish yourself with the temptation.
  9. If you know you are going to have a few pieces of candy at a party or sample your trick-or-treat bowl eliminate additional sugars you normally consume. Give up your soda, fruit drinks, sugar cereals or pancakes for a few days to even things out.

Keep in mind:    Twizzlers 1 treat size package is 45 calories
1 small Tootsie roll 13 calories
Milk Duds 1 treat size package is 40 calories

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!



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