Pregnant or Planning to Be? How to Protect Yourself from Zika Virus

Pregnant women all around the world are beginning to become anxious as the Zika virus continues to grow in strength. This virus primarily affects pregnant women in their first trimester, and can cause a wide array of harsh symptoms, such as permanent brain damage, stillbirth, and issues with the child’s senses. However, there are a few basic tips that will help reduce any possibilities of contracting the deadly virus. The biggest thing pregnant women must avoid is travel to countries where Zika is prominent. But, if travel is absolutely necessary, doctors recommend any sort of bug repellent in order to fight of mosquitoes and other bugs carrying the disease. It is still unclear how the Zika virus transmits through sexual intercourse, so condom use is important to prevent transmission.

Key Points:

  • 1Pregnant women need to take precautions when traveling to areas prone to the Zika Virus
  • 2The Zika Virus can cause many different birth defects including those affecting the brain, damage to the eyes and ears, and even stillbirth.
  • 3Men with Zika symptoms should use a condom in order to protect his pregnant partner from getting sick. Since the virus can stay in your blood stream for a couple weeks after infection, these precautions should be taken.

As the threat of the Zika virus grows in the United States, pregnant women and those trying to conceive need to take precautions, a fetal medicine doctor says.

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