BIO™ Skin Care Products

Discover True Beauty. Reverse Aging Inside & Out.

You won’t find another system that addresses the internal and external causes of skin aging. And – since it it’s Purium, you will never have to worry about harmful ingredients!

bio™ full 5-piece set

Set includes Regen Capsules, Relax Capsules, Cleanser, Serum, Night Cream plus FREE bio™ Travel Bag.
When you buy the system, you Save $20 compared to purchasing the individual products – plus, you receive the free bio™ travel case.
great for men too
Just because you are a guy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look great. Skin aging is caused by stress, sun, pollution, and radiation. You aren’t immune, so do something about it.

Sorry, this product is no longer available.

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Enjoy noticeable results or get your money back! We guarantee it for a full 60 days. See a difference or send it back to the company. It’s that simple.

beautiful inside || beautiful outside

What we don’t put in

Can cause increased estrogen. May increase chances of breast cancer

propylene glycol
Used in anti-freeze. May cause skin irritation.

sodium lauryl sulfate
Foaming agent used in many cleansers. May cause kidney and lung issues.

peg compounds
May disrupt the endocrine system. Possibly carcinogenic.

Deep penetrating skin lightener. May be carcinogenic.

artificial colors & fragrances
Usually derived from petroleum. Many have been banned by the EU.

glycol & alpha hydroxy acid
Causes increased photosensitivity and prolonged use may cause permanent damage.

mineral oil
By-product of the petroleum industry. Clogs pores and may cause skin reactions.

genetically modified ingredients
We developed bio without the use of animal testing.

Animal tested ingredients
We developed bio without the use of animal testing.

What We Do Put In

Aloe vera 200x
Helps accelerate skin