SealSkin Medical Wrap Vs Normal Wrap: What’s The Difference?

The world of wound care has definitely made some leaps and bounds over the years. Back in the old days, people had to use leaves and loincloths to dress their wounds. Today, there’s now the concept of proper wound care and the techniques used therein have considerably evolved with the aid of technology.

Apart from the basics like the band-aid, sterilized gauzes, and no-stick dressings, modern technology has paved the way for modern and advanced wound care products.

Introducing SealSkin Medical Wrap

 While it’s true that traditional wound care (wet-to-dry) is still the dominant technique used in today’s time, its use could be further enhanced with the help of SealSkin Medical Wrap. This wrap is basically a cohesive or self-adhering plastic film that is easy to apply around any wounded area. By self-adhering, this means that this medical wrap can easily cling to itself. More than that, it’s also liquid impermeable, which is another way to say that it is waterproof.

SealSkin Medical Wrap offers an added layer of protection and enhances wound healing in a way that traditional bandages can’t. It could be used in a variety of areas from in-patient and out-patient use, clinical, school, veterinary, and even military applications.


The Difference Between SealSkin Medical Wrap And Normal Wrap

 Here’s how SealSkin Medical Wrap differs from normal wraps:

  1. Wound Protection

When it comes to wound protection, it can be said that SealSkin medical wrap could better protect wounds from contaminants such as various microorganisms, bodily fluids, liquid contamination, and even dirt because of their flexible, bacterial barrier-forming, and cohesive properties.

  1. Wound Healing

Wound exudate is a liquid mass of cells produced by the body as a response to tissue damage. They may be composed of white blood cells and platelets that stick to the wound surface in order to trigger a healing effect.

Normal medical wraps are usually dry and don’t control moisture. As the exudate builds up, they lose their efficiency. Furthermore, normal wraps can adhere (stick) to the wound bed as it heals. When it’s time to remove the bandage, it may result in pain, more damage, or trauma.

SealSkin medical wrap, however, is non-absorbent and promotes wound healing by allowing the natural wound fluids to do their job whilst maintaining their efficiency.

  1. Liquid Permeability

Normal wraps are often dry and liquid absorbent. In the long run, and upon contact with fluids, normal wraps reduce their capacity to protect the wound. On the other hand, SealSkin medical wrap is liquid impermeable (waterproof). This means that you face no problems when taking a bath, swimming, or sweating.

  1. Flexibility

SealSkin medical wrap can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. Whether you apply it to a wound directly or as a backup for gauzes or bandages, it will still do its job.

  1. Comfort

Most medical wraps are non-conforming. SealSkin medical wraps can conform to any shape. Its stretchable and flexible qualities can prevent pressure and stress on the skin during movement. Furthermore, it’s also very light and it doesn’t feel tight.

Further, SealSkin medical wrap requires fewer wound dressing changes. This allows the wound to rest more than it could compared to normal wraps.

  1. Visibility

Normal wraps provide little to no visibility at all. This means that they have to be removed in order to check the wound. This, in turn, could cause damage and stress to the healing wound. This may prolong the healing process even further.

SealSkin medical wrap is a transparent polyurethane film. This means that it doesn’t require the hassle of removal during wound inspections that would further add to the less-frequent wound dressing change quality it already has.

  1. Cost

While SealSkin medical wrap may look expensive, it’s actually not. Think about it, normal wraps are inexpensive but due to the frequency of wound dressing changes, they can get pretty costly. Because SealSkin medical wrap only requires few wound dressing changes, they’re more cost-effective in the long-run.



There are many differences between SealSkin medical wrap and normal wrap. However, they can also go hand-in-hand for a more effective wound care. One only needs to consider the benefits that both can provide as well as their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and availability.

While the world of wound care still has a way to go, SealSkin medical wrap is proof of the wonderful innovations that are yet to come.



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