Herbs to the Rescue – Gingko Helps After the Stroke

As medical science is developing by leaps and bounds, we are increasingly learning about the power of herbs. Much of the knowledge about herbs is ancient and has been part of the native knowledge for thousands of years. The new study conducted by the scientists from Johns Hopkins University found that the extract of gingko biloba has the ability to protect brain neurons after the stroke and maybe even repair the damage caused by the stroke.

Stroke and gingko

Stroke is deadly. Every year, more than 700,000 Americans are affected by it. Most strokes are caused by a blocked artery in the brain. The blockage can cause serious brain damage by preventing brain from getting enough oxygen. To make things worse, free radicals, toxic molecules of oxygen, can damage the brain after the blockage has been cleared. Gingko boosts the production of enzyme which eliminates free radicals around the area of the stroke.

Ginkgo biloba is a large tree native to China. Its extract has been used by Chinese and Japanese to enhance memory and treat blood disorders and improve blood circulation for centuries. Scientific studies conducted in Europe and North America have produced contradictory results, but most agree that gingko may help in some cases in treating Alzheimer”s disease and other types of dementia. Gingko is also found to boost memory in older people and improve blood circulation. The latest study by the scientists from John Hopkins University is the first that discovered the mechanism which gingko uses to repair the damage to the brain.

What is in gingko?

Ginkgo leaves contain a number of active flavonoids and terpenoids that have powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are the most potent weapons against free radicals that can cause serious damage to cells and even affect DNA. Free radicals are linked to a number of diseases, such as heart problems, Alzheimer”s disease and cancers. Flavonoids are found to protect the heart muscle, nerves, blood vessels, and eyes. Terpenoids are known to improve blood circulation by dilating small and big blood vessels.

Extract of green leaves of gingko is widely used in Europe and Asia without any significant side effects. It should be noted that ginko is a blood thinner and should not be used by people who are preparing for a surgery, as it might cause increased bleeding.


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