A Beginner”s Guide To Home Gyms

For all those who want to remain fit without going to a gym, here’s a comprehensive guide to home gyms for beginners. It is a perfect way to exercise in the comfort of your own house. Depending upon your requirement, the space available, and of course your budget, you can buy any equipment.

The good thing about the following gear is that it’s portable, and your workout station will require only limited space. This type of a workstation can be set up in your garage or basement or any other spare place in your house.

Here are a few things that you would need to invest in for setting up your own gym.

  • An exercise mat
  • An adjustable bench for reclining
  • Aerobics steps
  • Ab-workers, a few sets of dumbbells, balls, resistance bands
  • An allegro,
  • A treadmill and rowers

Please note that these are the basic tools for general body toning and shaping and increasing flexibility.

Now before you make the final decision, let’s see some of the pros and cons of owning a gym.

Advantages Of A Home Gym

Setting up a home gym is gaining popularity these days and surely not without a reason. There are several benefits of a personalized gym. Some of them are listed below:

  • Owning a gym saves a lot of time as you don’t have to go to a regular gym and wait for your turn to use the equipment and also for the instructor to get free.
  • You may get stuck in a traffic jam or may have to motivate yourself to drive to reach your gym. If you have a gym at home, you don’t need to worry about any such thing.
  • Instead of paying the gym charges, you’d rather invest the same money in buying your own equipment. This way it is a one-time expenditure, and you don’t have to pay fixed monthly or annual charges.
  • If you want to be in shape and don’t want to go to a gym or to a park for running, jogging, or walking, a home gym is a perfect workout solution.
  • If you feel uncomfortable sharing tools with others, you might as well own them. Also, you may feel awkward or conscious exercising in the presence of complete strangers; doing so in the comfort of your house is a good suggestion.
  • Unlike a gymnasium, you can decide to exercise anytime you want, without waiting for the gym to open.

Disadvantages Of A Home Gym

A home gym, though a very good idea, comes with a few shortcomings as well. Let us examine a few of them:

  • You may not want to exercise and may require pushing yourself to do so. However, if you pay in a gym, you are less likely to back out.
  • You may feel lazy and may tend to delay exercising.
  • The quality of your equipment may not be as good as that of a professional gym.
  • Instructor-led workout is always better than exercising independently as a trainer is better equipped to design a regimen for you.
  • Distractions like someone knocking at the door or phone calls are a major disadvantage of a home gym.

Before you decide to set up your own workstation, use this guide to home gyms carefully to make the final plunge. Though the thought of a personalized space for a workout sounds impressive, you need to put in a lot of thinking to invest time and money in it. So, if you find the idea interesting, after weighing the pros and cons, just go for it. Happy exercising!


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