A Critical Look at CBD Oil: The Effects and Benefits

Many consumers have heard of medical marijuana. You may have also heard of cannabidiol, or CBD, oil.

Cannabidiol is just one of more than 80 different naturally occurring chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These chemicals are found in different plants in the Cannabis genus, such as hemp and marijuana.

Why is there so much interest in these plants and their properties? For one thing, the nature-made substances that they contain hold potential medical, social and behavioral advantages for consumers who use them wisely. They may also have less potential for abuse than other treatments do. Here are some potential CBD oil benefits that you might find worth investigating.

Some People May Find the Benefits of CBD Treatment More Pleasant Than Other Forms of Medical Cannabis

Much of the public debate over the medical marijuana question in the U.S. comes down to people’s personal experiences instead of the scientific evidence. For instance, recent polls reported that more than half of all American adults had tried marijuana at least once by 2017. It seems reasonable to assume that many people would have formed direct opinions about cannabis. For instance, some patients prefer not to experience the feeling of being “high,” which is totally within their rights.

One of the most medically interesting aspects of CBD oil is that it’s not associated with the same psychoactive mental effects that accompany the consumption of cannabinoids like THC. Although both are present in many marijuana plants, cannabis can be bred to favor different compositions and characteristics. This makes it possible to isolate the CBD oil so that patients can obtain the desired effects. Since it doesn’t make most people feel high, nervous or anxious, it’s easier to use without throwing a kink in your daily routine or professional life.

Managing PTSD May Be More Workable With CBD

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, can involve psychological, emotional and other forms of severe harm. In many cases, it follows hazardous, distressing events, such as severe physical injuries or personal losses.

Because everyone is at risk of PTSD at any age, patients come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They also demand distinct kinds of treatment, so not all remedies work for all people. Some, such as medications with overwhelming side effects, have negative impacts that outweigh their positive characteristics.

Those who use pure, verified forms of GMO-free cannabidiol oil to self-treat might find their symptoms easier to manage than they would be with certain drugs. For instance, U.S. Military veterans have gone as far as suing the government over their right to use cannabis instead of drugs prescribed by the VA, such as nortriptyline and venlafaxine. One Iraq War vet, Jose Belen, took U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Sessions to court over the matter in 2018.

Other people living with PTSD could also stand to benefit. For instance, an October 2016 study published in “Permanente Journal” observed multiple positive CBD oil effects in a young child who had dealt with sexual abuse, the death of a parent and other traumatic experiences. In this case, researchers used the oil to help the patient mitigate ongoing PTSD symptoms, such as her insomnia and anxiety.

Could CBD Play a Role in Decreasing Addictive Marijuana Use?

Many people argue that marijuana isn’t addictive. Few would debate, however, that some personalities are simply more prone to addictive behaviors than others are.

Regardless where you stand on the issue, science seems to indicate that cannabidiol oil may help some individuals deal with certain addictive habits. One study in “Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal” noted that an adult test subject was able to reduce and eventually eliminate their use of marijuana by transitioning to CBD. While this individual was able to function better with a CBD-only treatment regimen, it’s worth noting that CBD oil benefits differ from the potential advantages of other cannabinoid compounds.

The U.S. Government Has Unofficially Acknowledged Some Potential CBD-specific Benefits

According to one California doctor writing for the Huffington Post, CBD’s benefits go way beyond the fact that it doesn’t make people feel high or anxious. Although the euphoric effects of THC may prove to be important for certain disease sufferers, CBD may also be associated with other unique improvements.

For instance, in 2003, the U.S. Government’s Department of Health and Human Services patented the use of substances like cannabidiol for certain conditions. The applications listed in the patent included CBD uses such as

– Creating neuroprotectant treatments for limiting brain damage in people who had suffered strokes and similar traumas, and

– Treating people who faced diseases associated with oxidative stress, such as inflammatory, autoimmune and restricted blood supply, or ischemic, conditions.

Established Advantages

The idea of CBD oil’s usefulness is nothing new. For instance, the government’s 2003 patent also referenced a 1942 patent for a method of isolating cannabidiol from hemp.

According to the National Institutes of Health, or NIH, research confirms that CBD might also hold promise for chronic conditions. One study referenced by the NIH showed that CBD may have anti-tumor effects in lab-grown cells and animal tissues. Other potential CBD oil benefits may include things like pain reduction in conjunction with analgesic treatments.

A Hope for Better Seizure-coping Mechanisms?

Some people believe that beneficial CBD oil effects also include its ability to help seizure patients. Research such as one 2016 assessment conducted at the University of Alabama at Birmingham may back them up. At the same time, the NIH claims that more rigorous studies are needed to confirm this widely held belief.

Is either side right? It’s important to analyze what each is saying and pay close attention to the details. Scientists who remain unsure about CBD oil’s seizure benefits haven’t ruled them out just yet. Instead, they’re simply asking for more validation in the form of peer-reviewed scientific evidence. This may ultimately work out to be better for patients because they’ll be able to rely on improved information about dosages and treatment regimens.

The Key Takeaways About CBD Oil Effects

One massive benefit of CBD is its minimal impact compared to drugs that seek to mimic its effects. As one of the most natural versions of cannabidiol, it might be a bit easier for people to moderate and intake. Whereas synthetic medications are often highly concentrated, relatively high daily doses of CBD have been tested and reviewed as possibly safe. Those trying to learn from their negative experiences with other drugs and medical treatments may find this option easier to integrate into their lifestyles.

CBD oil, cannabinoids and cannabis are substances that have their roots in thousands of years of human history, consumption and cultivation. Today, there are still barriers to effective use for many patients. At the same time, improvements in state laws, evolving social attitudes and scientific progress are making these potentially life-changing substances available to a wider variety of Americans.


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Silvia Conte
14. April 2018
Silvia Conte
14. April 2018
I'm using CBD oil for my knee pain and I must say the results are visible

Tony Scelzo
30. March 2018
Tony Scelzo
30. March 2018
I have been taking CBD oil for my joints for 4 weeks and feel better than I have in years. Hard to argue the benefits of how you feel.


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