Common Food Items Capable Of Producing False Positive Drug Results

It is a shocking fact that some food items, drinks, and over-the-counter medicines that you may be consuming regularly can bring about positive results if you appear for a drug test. It can be irrespective of the fact that you have never been a substance user.

The reasons are that those products contain traces of substances in a proportion that is considered as a benchmark for drug tests.


Here are 12 Foods That Can Cause a False Positive Drug Test:  


  • Poppy Seeds  

These seeds are part of a plant that is used to manufacture heroin. They may look and taste harmless but contain some portions of morphine and codeine, which may get detected during drug tests.

  • Pizza  

This food which is popular across the globe, contains yeast. It leads to the fermentation of sugar present in pizza and forms alcohol and some other substances. Washing or rinsing the mouth after having pizza may be a solution if you are appearing for a drug test.

  • Durian  

This fruit is nutritious and has great taste. However, it produces a very strong pungent smell after getting ripened and alcohol in the mouth, which stays inside the blood for a brief period.

  • Hemp  

Hemp or hemp seeds are derived from the cannabis plant, which comes under the category of a regulated commodity beyond a certain limit. Hemp seeds are found in granola bars and hemp oil.

  • Coca Tea  

Coca tea contains cocaine as it is derived from coca leaves. This substance can stay in your body from 2 hours to 36 hours, depending on the amount consumed.

  • Tonic Water

Tonic water contains quinine which has some association with heroin. It may give positive results in a urine test for drugs.

  • Ibuprofen  

It is used for the treatment of pain, fever, and symptoms of inflammation and contains traces of cannabis or barbiturates.

  • Antibiotics

Antibiotics like fluoroquinolone or rifampin may contain opium which gets reflected during drug tests consisting of urine samples.

  • Medicines for Cough and Cold

Some medicines contain an antihistamine, which shows similar properties to methamphetamine or meth and is a well-known illegal drug.

  • Weed  

You can test positive for a drug test if you have been sitting in the same room, which does not have any ventilation, and with people smoking weeds or cannabis. This happens due to the passive smoking of weeds.

  • Antiviral Medicines  

Sustiva contains efavirenz and is a medicine for HIV patients. It contains marijuana and other substances derived from benzene. If a urine test is conducted for detecting drugs, a user of Sustiva may test positive.  

  • Baby Soap  

Surprisingly, an innocent substance like baby soap can also test positive for drugs. Some brands of baby soap and wash care products that exhibited traces of marijuana are Aveeno Wash, Aveeno Shampoo, CVS Baby bath, J & J Bedtime bath, and Johnson & Johnson’s baby products.


So, it would be best to avoid the above products if you are appearing for a screening test for drugs as a sportsperson, student, or for a specific profession.

In case there are false positive drug test results, you may go for additional tests to reconfirm the same, like High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC test) or Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS test).




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