Month: August 2010

Count Colors Not Calories!

If you need to drop and few pounds and don”t know where to get started, stop counting calories and start counting colors. When it comes to losing weight, make sure your plate is piled high with a range of colorful fruit and vegetables. You”ll naturally create more balance and health-filled menus.

Woman having migraine

Panic Attacks – You may need iron!

Panic attacks are a form of an anxiety disorder in which the person exhibits a specific set of symptoms.   There are differences between anxiety attacks and panic attacks that involve the length and intensity of the symptoms.   People who suffer from anxiety attacks find that the symptoms come on more slowly than with […]

What Type Of Insulin Is Right For Me?

Rapid Onset-Fast Acting Insulin: Rapid onset-fast acting insulin always looks clear. It is fast acting and starts to work within one to 20 minutes. It peaks about one hour later and lasts from three to five hours. When you use this type of insulin, you must eat immediately after you inject.

Facing Lousy Choices when Dieting

It’s 11:30 AM. You’ve been up since 5 o’clock and the hunger meter is on high. “What to eat?” you think to yourself.

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you’re very likely concerned about the amount of weight you’re gaining, the effect it has on your body, even how difficult it will be to take off after your pregnancy. Your OB/GYN or midwife is your best source of advice about healthy weight gain during pregnancy, but there are general guidelines.

Watch the Salt

If you have bad eating habits then it contributes significantly to unhealthily high blood pressure levels, even in middle age, when blood pressure levels typically rise as part of the aging process. Whether or not you are taking antihypertensive drugs, the need to make dietary improvements (e.g. follow a healthy low-fat diet) is frequently at […]

Common Myths from the Weight Loss Crowd

It seems like there is a lot of conflicting information concerning diet programs.   As  you try and hit your healthy weight, we will talk about some of the myths that are being propogated by the weight loss gurus.

Breast Cancer Signs, Risk Factors, Prevention

Breast cancer occurs when cells in our breasts grow out of control causing tumors and damage to the nearby tissues. Tumors which are cancerous are known as malignant tumors and cause lots of damage to your body. It takes time for most tumors to grow, making it not easy to detect a tumor during a […]

ADHD and Depression

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a condition that affects the mental functioning and organization of the person who suffers.       Researchers have found that changes to the individual”s ability to organize their thoughts and control their impulses is related to brain chemicals that are responsible for the communication of these functions.

Teaching Strategies for Children with Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a condition that causes a child to suffer from severe mood changes and behavior.   Children will present different symptoms than adults with this condition, and their symptoms can often occur many times a day.   Due to the fact that these children have these sudden mood changes, are typically anxious and […]